Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 17 - Repair & Wear It!

by - Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So, maybe I was a little too ambitious with this challenge, but I guess I don't like to back out of things that I'm passionate about and that I love doing. So, I was initially going to skip this day because I didn't think I had anything that needed repairing and I got home at around 11:45 PM last night (with a 9:20 AM class the following/this morning). I thought it would've been too much to find something that needed to be repaired and then to actually repair it myself. I was right. It was too much. But I went on and did it anyway!

Day 17: Do you have a pile of shame too? That place where you stick clothes that need a new button/ hem fixed/ the sides taken in? Well, for tomorrow I want you to go dig through that repair pile, pick a deserving item, fix it and wear it. And then tell us about it, of course.

It turns out that before two weeks ago, I would not have had a single item to repair. I like to fix my clothes that I think are worth the fix as soon as I recognize the problem or just get rid of them if they're not worth it. However, in one of my recent thrifting trips, I picked up this dress because I liked the shape of it. I tried it on and loved the fit but I wasn't the hugest fan of the length. It stopped at about 3 inches above my ankle but my imagination saw how much potential the dress had and I promised myself I would take it to a tailor. I've yet to find a tailor, so I decided to take matters into my amateur hands and hand-sew the hem to shorten the dress.

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: gift (my mom's collection)
Linen Blazer: UK Style French Connection ($12)
Linen Gingham Dress: thrifted ($10)
Watches & Bracelets: gift (my mom's collection)
Leopard Bow Belt: ASOS ($6)
Skinny Belts: H&M (3 for $10)
Oxford-Like Flats: Kimichi Blue (eBay $10)
Leather Structured Bag: vintage
TOTAL: $44

It was too late when I realized that the hem job I did was too short, but I'm still comfortable in the dress. I didn't cut off any fabric; I'm actually holding the excess up inside the dress with some safety pins! I did this so that I could undo the hem and get it professionally done or redo it myself when I'm better friends with the sewing machine in my garage.

Oh, how I love this bag. It only poses one problem. It. Is. HEAVY! I feel like if I keep carrying it, my left arm will have a large muscle-builder look and my right arm will remain just as frail looking. I'm going to look into getting a locker on campus.

This is the first time I'm wearing a dress in so long! I've be wanting to wear one, but it never worked out the way I planned! Finally! Dresses are so freeing!

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