November 30x30: Day 13

I've been so incredibly busy that I was unable to photograph outfits 14, 15, 16, AND 17 which is why day 13 is chilling by itself. :'( I will make it up though! I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit in the library and trying very hard to be quiet, discrete, and to act normal when people would pass by and wonder what I was doing. Hehe.

Day 13

What I'm Wearing
Red Wool Blazer: thrifted
Cashmere Blend Scarf: thrifted
Tank Dress (worn as top): Forever 21
Mustard Skater Skirt: Chicwish
Sandal Tuxedo Flats: Qupid

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November 30x30: Day 11 & 12

Day 11 and 12 are perfect depictions of what my chill days look like. Literally. It's been freezing...and I tend to put on pants when the wind chill is below 30 degrees. So, presenting, the "chill" outfits of my November 30x30!

Day 11
I took this outfit from blah to bang by adding my bright beloved scarf. Do you like?

What I'm Wearing
Purple Pashmina: thrifted
Cropped Striped Sweater: H&M thrifted
Gray Button Down: (my sister's closet)
Slate Blue Zip Ankle Pants: Talbots
Black D'Orsay Flats: Qupid

Day 12
It was so cold on this day, that even with my tights on underneath my pants, I was freezing! I can't wait until May! (hehe)

What I'm Wearing
Gold Scarf: H&M
Leather Jacket: H&M
White Pocket T-Shirt: Talbots
Camouflage Print Pants:
Studded Booties: C Label from Charlotte Russe

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November 30x30: Day 9 & 10

I almost thought that I'd be unable to blog for a WHILE because a crucial component of my camera broke off (the memory card door) and I could not locate the piece to fix it. Without the memory card door closed, my camera doesn't turn on. However, what could have been an incredible tragedy turned into a miraculous event. After searching and searching the same area with no luck, once I stopped searching, the missing piece revealed itself! (Definitely when I least expected it.)

However, I was unable to take pictures for day 10 ON day 10. So I asked my lovely friend Erica for extra patience as I Houdini'd my behind into my day 10 outfit on day 11.

Day 9
So, I added a cold weather twist to my maxi skirt outfit by adding some fair-aisle socks to the look. How do I look?!

What I'm Wearing
Red Cashmere Scarf: old
Fur Vest: H&M
Cream Zip-Sleeve Blouse: H&M
Brown Belt: from a pair of H&M pants
Brown Jersey Maxi Skirt: thrifted
Fair Aisle Socks: F21
Brown Combat Boots: Charlotte Russe

Day 10
How's this for mixing prints? Stripes, squares, and circles. It's geometric!

What I'm Wearing
Fur Stole: H&M
Cropped Striped Sweater: H&M thrifted
Navy Midi Skirt: thrifted
Polka Dot Tights: H&M
Black D'Orsay Flats: Qupid

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November 30x30: Day 7 & 8

Another BIG PLUS that has come of this challenge: I've literally planned my outfits for the next week (taking weather into consideration and all) so I just wake up and it's already planned out for me. Big time saver!

Day 7
I spent way too much time looking down at my outfit to make sure it looked okay...and you can see that from these pictures. So, in honor of my fake insecurity, I hereby name this constant action of mine: The "Check-Yourself-Before-You-Wreck-Yourself". That is a fitting name, no?

What I'm Wearing
Fur Lapel: H&M
Red Wool Blazer: thrifted
Chain Print Blouse: thrifted
High-Waisted Shorts: H&M
Leopard Belt: Talbots
Houndstooth Tights: H&M
Brown Tights (underneath): Forever 21
Leopard Flats: Steve Madden

Day 8
As soon as I went out to take these photos, it started snowing. Sigh. I'm not ready for snow yet. Let me at least get through this 30x30. Ma'Nature, you hear me? It is brick city outside so I wear a coat every day but it wasn't until this day that I decided to switch it up. Instead of wearing my everyday black parka, I chose a coat that would serve as an accessory to the outfit. And.. I LOVE this coat. Pssst... peep the scarf? It's bringing all the solid colors of my outfit together into one big ole party. Here's the best part: it was $3.

What I'm Wearing
Cape Coat: H&M
Cream Blazer: thrifted
Paisley Printed Scarf: thrifted
Red Lace Shoulder Tee: Talbots
Chrome Belt: Wet Seal
Wide Leg Denim: Old Navy
Brown Pleated Leather Boots: Vince Camuto

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