Glad To Be Back!

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: CR
Neckalce: (my sister's closet)
Cuff Braclet: Charming Charlie
Beige Blazer: Casual Corner thrifted ($3!!)
White Chain Print Blouse:thrifted (gift) (also worn here)
Red Cropped Pants: H&M ($15)
Oxford-Style Flats: Kimichi Blue (eBay $10)

Hello again everyone! After not posting at all in August, which I sincerely apologize for, I am back! And when I say I'm back, I'm REALLY back. I have so much in store for my blog it's super exciting and I can't wait to share it with you all. I'm sure you'll love it too!

I had such a GREAT summer! I'll try to cover the highlights briefly:
-I had a phenomenal time at summer camp.
-That's yarn in my hair! Isn't it cool!?
-I finally saw The Lion King on Broadway!
-I made amazing connections with amazing people.
-I went thrifting and found some WONDERFUL finds (like this blazer!). I should do a post to share those with you, huh?
-I bought something, but shh! It's a secret. I'll reveal it to you later!

One day during my week of downtime after camp ended and before school started, I was SO BORED that I decided to create 30 different outfits. No item repeats. No shoe repeats. Just 30 completely different looks. I believe this was, by far, my most fun project as well as the most convenient! Now instead of spending 30 to 45 minutes getting ready in the morning, it only takes me 10 to 15! I chose this combination as my debut outfit just because I loved it so much. What better explanation to wear what you want to wear?

Again, thank you to all who stuck around as well as those who came around! It always astonishes me when my blog gains readers while I'm absent! Stay tuned! The next post will fill you in, instagram style, on all the outfits I've worn but haven't posted!

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