DIY Shorts!

What I'm Wearing
Tear Drop Earrings: F21
Blue "Hogwarts" Blazer: thrifted ($9)
Mustard Polka Dot Tank: Old Navy (b-day gift)
Denim Cutoff Shorts: DIY Levi Men's Jeans ($3 eBay)
Nude Wedges: De Blossom ($11)
Leather Crossbody Bag: thrifted (my mom's closet)

I love these shorts. Ever since I made them, I've been on a prowl for more Men's Levi pants in different washes so I could make more! I wore this outfit to help a friend move from one campus apartment to another. Yes, I wore wedges to move things. Don't judge me, I love comfortable wedges! I needed this after those blister-giving ones.

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Since I've Been Gone (Instagram)

I was looking through my Instagram gallery and I noticed that, among the plethora of random photos I put up an a whim, I had taken a lot of outfit related pictures. Here are a couple of the outfits that I didn't blog about, but I posted on Instagram! (The picture above is an actual shot of my closet when it was at its cleanest.)

Left to Right: (1) Church outfit: H&M blouse & skirt. Dance Practie Outfit: H&M shirt, HUE leggings. (2) River Island Blouse, LEVI DIY shorts. (3) Stripes & Leopard: I actually blogged this outfit!

(4) Church outfit: H&M Dress, INC shoes. I had to sell those shoes, they were a true killer! (5) My first day wearing sneakers in a long time: H&M leather jacket, sweater, and chambray shirt, HUE leggings, SUPRA sneakers (not shown). (6) Bantu Knots in my hair: F21 thrifted blouse (also worn here), H&M riding pants.

(7) New Hair On Africa Night: H&M dress (worn as blouse) & H&M thrifted skirt, Nigerian tailored dress. (8) I felt very 80's with this hair! Club Monaco thrifted dress (worn as top), H&M pleated leather skirt. (9) Another 80's look! eBay thrifted sweater, H&M pants.

(10) Chaps blazer (also worn here), F21 scarf, thrifted blouse, H&M pants. (11) Going to a barbecue: H&M leather jacket, CK chambray shirt, sister's skirt (worn as top). (12) Kappa Cruise (Boat Ride/Party) with my sister. Me: F21 dress, Rachel Roy heels. Her: ASOS dress, Steve Madden heels.

(13) Poetry Slam: H&M Mens shirt and pants. (14) Old Navy blouse, H&M skirt, CR tights. (15) Just my messy closet.

(16) On my way to a dance party: F21 blouse, AEO bralet, H&M leggings. (17) H&M top, skirt, & boots, Sears bandeau. (18) First day of finals: H&M blouse & skirt, F21 necklace.

And there you have it! ♥ You're all caught up!

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Off To See The Wizard!

What I'm Wearing
Chandelier Earrings: F21
Flower Hair Clip: H&M (2 for $3)
Safari Bangle Bracelets: (my sister's closet)
Blush Pink Blazer: H&M ($11)
Tan Romper (worn as top): H&M ($15) (also worn here)
Denim Belt: came with an H&M chambray top
Blue Full Mini Skirt: F21 ($4)
Multicolored Purse: Fossil (gift)
Floral Wedges: Restricted (my sister's closet)

I was off to see the wonderful wizard of eyebrow threading! I hadn't done my eyebrows in so long (usually I'm the only one that can tell, but that's all the more reason for me to do them!) My friend, Erica, went with me and also got her eyebrows threaded, too, and for the first time at that. She wanted to kill me afterwards. Hey, threading isn't for everyone!

I will never, ever, EVER wear these shoes again. They are a perfect fit but they gave me a blister on my left foot =/. I really hate blisters and I do all that I can to avoid if that means never wearing these super cute wedges, then so be it. They're my sister's shoes, but she also gets blisters from wearing them, so it's either the shoe or the way our feet are made. Le sigh.

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Experimenting: Bright Pleated Midi

What I'm Wearing
Necklace, Earrings & Bracelets: Forever 21
Chambray Button Down: H&M ($5)
Floral Tube Top: (my friend, Roxy's closet)
Hot Pink Pleated Midi Skirt: H&M ($10)
White/Mint Leather Oxfords: Steve Madden ($18)

I've always felt that midi skirts were an awkward length for me, but for some strange reason, I'm so drawn to them. I own four (a blue one, a slate gray one, a black one with a floral trim design and this hot pink pleated one) and until this outfit, I've only ever worn the blue one. Even then, when I had worn it, I wasn't the biggest fan of the outfit, but I did enjoy trying something new and it was super comfortable!

I decided to take a step into the midi realm once again, and still, I am not a big fan of this outfit. I've had this skirt for months and I finally took the tag off to wear it. I do love the colors, especially for the rainy day that this day turned out to be, but there's something about it... *thinking hard* Maybe it's because I'm wearing midi skirts with flats and not heels. That could very well be it! Hmm... now I'll know what to do next time! Would you wear a midi skirt? If so, how would you style it? And if you've worn one before, how have you styled it? If you've blogged about it, show me! I'd love to let other people see as well, just in case they want to experiment, too!

P.S. I loved this hair while I had it, but this is the last outfit post I'll have with it! (Until I show you all the outfits you missed while I was away via Instagram!) Back to my natural hair!

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Color Combos: Coral & Cream

What I'm Wearing
Brown Shades: Forever 21 (gift)
Tan Linen Blazer: UK French Connection ($12)
Multicolored Necklace: ALDO ($7)
Animal Print Bangles: Shoedazzle (my sister's closet)
Cream Sleeveless Button Up: H&M ($17)
Leopard Belt: ASOS ($6)
Coral Shorts: Banana Republic Ryan Fit ($8 thrifted)
Cream Oxfords: Crown Vintage from DSW (my sister's closet)

If you've visited my Colors page, you'll recognize this color combo as the first one listed: coral and cream. I made that chart as a guide (for myself and everyone else) to combining colors in an eye-catching and still very complementing way. I love when I'm able to wear an outfit that contains no black (not including my hair, of course). Usually black bring everything together but whenever I wear an outfit that doesn't have black in it, I feel like each item is doing it's part to make my outfit stand out. What do you think?

You'll notice from this post and future posts that this fence will be my new recurring background for my outfit posts. My parents just had it installed in front of the garden for a little privacy and now it had become my new favorite prop! No distractions. Just outfits! :)

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