Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 9 - Monochrome

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The last time I wore a monochromatic outfit, it was all black. I've never thought to wear only one color from head to toe. Neutrals are fairly simple to pull off, but to be daring and hop into a bold color and pull it off is highly unlikely. I decided to take the risk.

Day 9: There's something so organized about an outfit that's all one color. It brings me the same kind of joy my color organized closet does.

I had my outfit laid out on the bed before I wore it (and while I was typing up the first part of this post.) When my sister walked in and saw it, her eyes immediately widened. "It looks like one outfit [like they came together]!" She instantly knew it was for the monochrome challenge today. (I tell her about all of them).

What I'm Wearing
Light Sweater: Forever 21 ($10)
Shorts: Banana Republic Ryan Fit ($8 thrifted)
Earrings: Icing ($2)
Necklace: Icing ($2)
Ring: gift
Watch: gift (my mom's collection)
Sandals: Payless ($13)
TOTAL: $35

Yea. I wore these sandals in my last outfit. It's okay to wear the same shoes twice, right? It's by complete chance that these shorts and this top are the same exact color. They are both very recent buys (the tags were still on before I wore them) and I had to take them outside in the sunlight to verify how similar their colors are.

I really love these shorts. I bought them from Plato's Closet and they fit wonderfully! Not too tight. Not too loose. Just right!

Breaking news! Did anyone else feel the earthquake today? It's epicenter was in Virginia, but it was felt all the way here in Albany, NY! I didn't feel it in my basement (where I was when it happened) but my parents were screaming upstairs about it and I ran up to see what was going on. Some items in the house were still shaking when I got upstairs. Crazy!

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