Pleated Hi-Low Skirt

What I'm Wearing
Lace Shirt: closet swap
Black High-Low Skirt: gift
Black Peep-Toe Block Heels: Charlotte Russe ($10)

I have a habit of going through my friends' closets to discover the treasures that they were able to get their hands one before I did. They all expect this from me because a) they do it whenever they can and b) we're all around the same size. One day, I spotted a polka dot turquoise blue hi-low maxi skirt in my friend, Roxy's closet and immediately I had hearts pump in and out of my eyes (like the cartoons).

Roxy is a saint. She said I could wear the skirt if I wanted, but she had another one (this one) that I could have because she was too short to wear it. At that point, I think I was soon to be on the verge of tears. She handed me the pleated black skirt and I danced with it like Cinderella did with the birds.

Working at camp over the summer, the only chance I get to wear something other than my staff shirt and my cargo shorts are my weekends when I actually go out. I wore this on July 4th. I won't be posting much but I'll most likely have an Instagram post in the future to show you all what you missed!

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Transform Your Maxi Dress to a Maxi Skirt!

What I'm Wearing
Chandelier Earrings: ALDO ($4)
Necklace: H&M ($9)
Ring: (my sister's closet)
Cuff: F21 ($4)
Floral Tank: thrifted (gift)
Striped Maxi Dress (worn as Skirt): thrifted ($9)
Sequined Flats: Steve Madden (old)

I do this trick a lot. I have yet to purchase one maxi skirt (even though I really, really want one, I can never find the right one). So, just as I wear my dresses as tops (like I did here with my lace dress and here with my shift dress), I also wear my dresses as bottoms... this time using a maxi dress as a maxi skirt.

The thing is, this dress is a bit above my ankle when I wear it how it should be worn...making it not so maxi, so I like it better as a skirt because I can be in control of its actual length. All I do is pull it down to where I want it to be, belt it and I'm good to go. Nothing major, that way, if I ever want to wear it as a dress, I still can!

I decided to go the floral and stripes route while secretly wishing I was curvier so the stripes would accentuate my hips but, since I don't have any... hehe, I work with what I was given. :)

Oh! New hair! My cousin did it for me. She's really into hair, nails & makeup. Check out her YouTube page!

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"If You're Feeling Like A Pimp, Go On Cut The Shoulders Off!"

What I'm Wearing
Ivory Teardrop Earrings: ALDO
Gold Shell Necklace: (gift)
Hot Pink Polka Dot Blouse: Heritage 1981 ($??)
Teal Pants: H&M ($15)
Cream Oxfords: Crown Vintage (my sister's closet)

I'm a corn, what are you gonna do? The title of this post is my rendition of a Jay-Z throwback track that I, shamelessly, enjoy. Contrary to my title, I actually didn't cut the shoulders off... I bought the blouse just like that. Surprise! Hehehe...

I wore this outfit about a week ago to help out at the best elementary school in Albany, NY. (That's the yellow building I'm standing next to!) I wore the bralet underneath the blouse because it was a tad too sheer for a school setting, but the bralet fixed that right up!

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Feature Filled! From Chictopia to IFB's Links A La Mode!

You got it dude! I was featured twice in the past week! Once on Chictopia and once on IFB's Links A La Mode! Check out the other wonderful links from the list!

Spice Girls

Edited by: Jess of Fresh Jess

This week, the Spice Girls got together to announce their support for the upcoming musical Viva Forever, which is inspired by their Girl Power movement. The fearless, limitless supergroup has come so far since they burst onto the scene 16 years ago. They’ve inspired millions of girls around the world to go after their dreams, and paved the way for bloggers like you and I to share our individual styles and passions with the world. My picks this week reflect how IFBers are spicing up their life this summer. From Beetlejuice and the streets of Tokyo to the bright colors and light fabrics of the season, the variety of style expression has never looked so good. Even Victoria Beckham would be proud!


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If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine

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