Menswear: Oxfords, Bowties, & Suspenders

What I'm Wearing
Tan Open Cardigan: Old Navy ($8)
Aviators: H&M ($1)
Leaf Necklace: F21 ($2)
Suspenders: H&M (my friend, Roxy's closet)
White Cutout Back Blouse: H&M ($17)
Blue Hair-clip "Bowtie": F21 (2 for $2)
Blue Pants: CK Jeans ($17 from Macy's)
Cream Socks: Hue ($3)
Brown Herringbone & Leatherette Oxfords: F21 ($25)
Canvas Satchel: ASOS ($25)

I am and will always be in love with these shoes! They really are the epitome of menswear in my closet. Remember when I wore them with the outfit in my banner? I loved that outfit with everything in me. And I was also able to add a feminine edge to these shoes in another outfit (which I found to be a huge accomplishment since they seem to be directed toward menswear and only menswear.)

I actually liked this outfit a lot more in theory than I did on. I feel like the pants were a weird fit for it. If they were high-waisted or maybe just regular chinos, they would've flowed better with the outfit in presentation. I do still like the outfit, don't get me wrong! I just think it could've been worn better. What do you think?

I must thank my friend Meghan Mooney for being my photographer for this outfit! She did a wonderful job directing and shooting!

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Spring Fever: Asymmetrical Skirts & Bralets

What I'm Wearing
Peter Pan Collar Chiffon Blouse: H&M ($11) [also worn here]
Light Denim Bralet: American Eagle ($10)
Floral Asymmetrical Skirt: H&M ($5)
Multicolored Feather Earring: ALDO ($8)
Black Ankle Booties: H&M ($26)

Hello everyone! Sorry for my lack of posting! I was on spring break last week and, even though I didn't go anywhere spectacular, I spent my entire week working! And working hard! I have a few outfit pictures backed up now, though! I wore this outfit on Monday to welcome this wonderful Summer like weather. It was incredibly hot and my outfit was well designed for the heat, if I do say so myself.

I didn't take any pictures in it, but I wore my leather jacket over the blouse and a bralet under the blouse. Light spring layering! When I left my house it was near 50, and the wind made it a bit chilly. It later rose to mid-60s and the jacket had to go. Once the temperature hit high 70s, I was rocking just the bralet! :)

The first time I wore these booties, I only wore them for 4 hours and I felt like dying! I realize that was because I was standing for all 4 of those hours with only one 15 minute break! I was able to wear these shoes from 9 AM to 1 AM--yes, my days are super long--and my feet didn't hurt NEARLY as much!

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Another Taste of Spring (Camera Phone Edition!)

What I'm Wearing
Jeweled Chandelier Earrings: F21 ($6)
Tan Boyfriend Blazer: H&M ($15)
Gold Scarf (as headwrap): H&M ($12)
Leopard Scarf: H&M ($12)
Sheer Gold-Button Blouse: H&M ($10)
Olive Shorts: Old Navy ($4)
Nude Tights w/ Orange Accent: H&M Trend (2 for $25)
Gray Thigh High Socks: F21 ($7)
Cream Oxfords: (my sister's closet)

Yes. These pictures were indeed taken with a camera phone! (Not bad, eh?) I wasn't planning on taking pictures on this day (Thursday) but my friend, Adela, wanted to see how I decided to take advantage of the 65 degree weather. I didn't have my camera or tripod handy, so I asked my friend, Erica, to help me take a few pictures with my phone so I could put them up on Facebook & Tumblr. Another friend of mine, Jasmine, took some pictures as well and here I am!

Albany's weather has been fluctuating incomprehensibly! Exhibit A: Today's weather. It started out warm and spring-like, but, at around 9:45 PM, there was a HUGE gust of wind, similar to that of a tornado, that brought the temperature down about 20 degrees. I was outside at the time, so I had the pleasure of experiencing it. And shortly after, it began raining. Yup! And shortly after that the rain turned to ice. All within a 20 minute time frame. So, I had to walk home without an umbrella. I wasn't cold, though. I put my music on blast and danced in the rain. It was great. :)

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Oh, Such Winter Weather!

What I'm Wearing
Black Leather Jacket: H&M (closet swap)
White Polka Dot Top: Material Girl (gift)
Little Black Dress: H&M ($26)
Necklace: H&M ($10)
Houndstooth Tights: H&M Trend (2 for $24)
Black Suede Ankle Boots: Bakers (my sister's closet)

Winter has been so good to me, but it has never been this good! Only one pair of tights! No excessive layering! It was so warm today! And I asked my friends to help me take pictures today, and look how wonderful they came out! I loved this outfit. Especially those boots!

I loved taking pictures outside yesterday! The wind was in my hair and my skirt; it was just wonderful!

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A Bow & Now It Snows!

What I'm Wearing
Gold Shimmery Scarf (as belt): H&M ($13)
Gold Shell Earrings: (gift from mom)
Purple Silk Bow Tie: Macy's ($15)
Tan Fur-Lined Vest: Guess thrifted ($14)
White Cropped Open Stitch Sweater: F21 ($8)
Light Blue Floral Button Up Blouse: Mossimo thrifted ($3)
Medium Wash Skinny Jeans: American Eagle ($20)
Brown Combat Boots: Journey's ($50)

Whoever said March was "in like a lion and out like a lamb" wasn't lying! First day of the month greeted my city with a wonderful snow storm that was drastic enough to cancel classes for K-12 grade but not for my university! So, I had to trek through the mounds of snowy unshovelled roads just to get to the bus stop to get to get to school. No bueno!

This outfit kept me warm, though. Especially the fur vest. I wore my leather jacket (seen here and here) over this outfit along with a black scarf and black hand warmers and I was ready!

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Crouching Tiger, Thrifting Dragon

What I'm Wearing
Black Scarf (on head): (gift)
Necklace & Earring set: (gift from Mom)
Gold Elephant Ring: F21 ($?)
Black & Gold Bird Bangle: Icing ($2)
Black Romber (as top): H&M ($5)
Gold Shimmery Scarf (as belt): H&M ($13)
Tiger/Zebra Print Full Skirt: Handmade (thrifted $9)
Black Tights: H&M ($10)
Black Suede Wedge Boots: Bakers ($15)

Okay. I thought I'd let you all know how amused I am by the title of this post. I'm incredibly amused. I had a little giggle to myself after I wrote it...squeals included.

Now that I'm fully composed I can tell you the mini story behind this wonderful skirt. I found it at Clothes Mentor, the more mature sister store to Plato's Closet. I was instantly attracted to it because of its print, but I was sold when I saw the price and the deal was sealed with the fit! I looked for a tag to see where it originally came from and I recognized the stitching and finishing of it to be that of one that had to be handmade! LOVE! So, of course, I did my happy dance for encountering such a marvelous item with a price to match!

This outfit was incredibly ridiculous to take off and I had to bring out my ninja and kung fu skills along with me whenever I needed to get out of it for a potty break. The romper I wore as a top is not the easiest thing to slip out of!

Hey! How do you like my boots!? They were on sale at Bakers for $14.92! Go figure!

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