Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 11 - Dress or Skirt

I really wanted to wear a dress today, but the dress I picked out wasn't as flattering as I would've liked thanks to the huge lunch and dinner that I ate yesterday! I hope get a chance to wear the dress for a later challenge. I think the dress for this skirt is an even exchange though. I love this skirt! It's just so... LOUD!

Day 11: I knew if I really wanted to stick with this fashion blogger thing I was going to have to embrace skirts and dresses in non-Church settings.

This skirt is comfortable, cute, and work friendly! Only thing is, I'm starting to think that pencil skirts are just not my thing. Maybe I could have styled this better, but I try to steer away from pieces that accentuate my invisible hips and booty. Maybe I'm just super self-conscious about it, but I felt like this skirt did just that! Is it just me? I really do love this skirt. Maybe I'll put a little more thought into the next outfit I wear with it.

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: Icing (old)
Cardigan: Love Couture ($10)
Tee: Forever 21 ($5)
Belt: H&M (3 for $12)
Pencil Skirt: Sov Scott ($5 eBay)
Bracelets: DIY red & gift
Watch: Fossil (gift)
Flats: Carlos Santana (my sister's closet)
TOTAL: $24

It started to drizzle a bit as I was taking my outfit photos. Luckily for my camera, it didn't last more than a minute. Hurricane Irene is leaving her mark!

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