Stripes & Leopard Done Differently!

What I'm Wearing
Spike Drop Earrings: F21 ($2)
Gold Leaf Clamp Bracelet: ASOS
Rings: F21 & my mom's collection
Assorted Bangles: F21 & ALDO
Colorful Striped Blazer: eBay ($1 + $3 shipping)
Leopard/Cheetah Print Tank: River Island ($11)
Black Trouser Leggings: H&M ($19)
Black Suede Booties: Bakers (from my sister's closet. now a gift ^_^)

This leopard/cheetah (I can't tell the difference) print top--along with 3 other items--marks my first purchase from River Island and I think I found a new love! I perused through the sale section and found 4 items I couldn't live without! (All within my price range too!) This top was one and I'm sure you can tell why I love it so much! Leopard and cheetah print is very popular but usually the first thing that comes to mind is the spots/skin as the print. This top uses the actual animal is the print. How lovely!

I bought this blazer from eBay back in August and this is my first time wearing it out. I had to rip out the shoulder pads because they created a harsh boxy silhouette, one that I liked, but couldn't pull off since my bottom half isn't the curviest. Without the shoulder pads, the blazer is definitely a more relaxed fit, with a hint of shoulder structure. Love!

Plus: I got my first pink heart on Lookbook with this outfit! Yay! :D

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Instagram for Android is Here!

Are you excited?!

It's only been a few days and the app just makes you want to take and share pictures of almost everything! Here are a few of mine so far:

Because I had used instagram on my friend's iPhone before it was released to Androids, I immediately noticed some differences in the way the apps functioned on each phone system. Obviously better on the iPhone operating system, instagram is equipped with auto "cropping" as well as the tilt shift photo editing option. On Androids, you have to crop each photo after you take gets a little annoying. But hey, the instagram developers are hard at work because they've been fixing bugs with super speed ever since the app was released! I'm sure all the features will be available to us Androiders in no time!

My instagram username is


& here is my webstagram link! Comment with your instagram handle so I can follow you too! :D

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If I Had A Better Camera...

What I'm Wearing
Black Sunglasses: c/o SmartBuyGlasses
Feathered Earrings: (my sister's closet)
Bracelets: F21 & ALDO
Rings: ALDO, CR, & co.
Black Leather Jacket: H&M (closet swap)
Black Floral Corest w/ Exposed Zipper: eBay ($5)
Gray Pin-Striped Button Down Skirt: Heritage (my sister's Closet)
Black Combat Boots: H&M ($15)

If I had a better camera, most of my pictures would come out looking this great! Granted, I had an awesome photographer taking these for me, but still, with a better camera, my outfit pictures would at least have the potential to look as wonderful as these!

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Here's A Little Secret...

What I'm Wearing
Hair Flower: H&M ($3)
Earrings: Brooklyn Beauty Supply Store ($1)
Bracelets: Turquoise: F21 ($5) Wood: old (?)
Rings: Assorted
Sheer Tiger Print Bead-Embellished Dress/Top: H&M ($5)
Black High-Waisted Shorts: Macy's (gift)
Strappy Wedge Booties: BCBG (my sister's closet)

So, here's a little wardrobe secret that I learned when I started blogging:

Just because you bought it as a dress doesn't mean you must wear it as a dress.

And this statement goes for everything! I mean... there's only so many ways you can wear shorts... but almost everything else in your closet can be transformed into another piece, saving you money, time, and extending the life and use of most of your garments. I've turned a polka dot tube top into a bodycon skirt simply by pulling it down. This top is, as you can see, originally a dress (a beach cover up, I believe) and I didn't let that stop me from wearing it another way.

Once you open your eyes to trying different things, you'll see how your style and creativity evolve right before your eyes. I've worn dresses as headwraps, scarves as bandeaus, hairclips as bowties and many more! Try it! You'll love it!

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