Packing Light

What I'm Wearing
Zebra Printed Scarf: thrifted | Earrings: ALDO | Necklace: (shop! Just $4!)
Rings: Assorted | Bracelet & Bangle: F21 & Shoedazzle
Coral Knit: F21 ($10)
Watch: Fossil (gift)
High Waisted Shorts: H&M (thrifted $6)
Sandals: Payless ($13)
Crossbody Bag: Latico Leather Sling/Crossbody (thrifted gift)

I'm not used to carrying a bag that doesn't have my entire life in it. I'm always on the move and not having a car automatically puts me in the position of being a bag lady just about everywhere I go. Luckily, my sister agreed (after some serious bribing) to drive me to where I needed to be and pick me up afterwards. So I didn't need anything but me, myself, I, and my camera. (So, I actually had one extra bag, but shh. That's not the point.) This is a serious thing. My friend refer to me as bag lady. I don't know if I would make Erykah Badu proud because I am the physical emulation of her amazing song or ashamed...because I am the physical emulation of her amazing song.

P.S. I went to a Fish Fry for the first time in my life. It was delicious, yes it was!

**Starting this Monday, I will be working at my beloved summer camp as well as my normal job, so you may see a little less of me. However, to prepare for that, I've taken a few outfit photos in advanced, so it'll seem (almost) like I never left!**

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Chocolate Laced At Night

What I'm Wearing
Earrings & Necklace: diva online | Cuff Bracelet: F21
Romper: H&M ($5)
Bow Belt: H&M ($10)
Pumps: ASOS ($40)

I've never done a nighttime look on my blog, but I've always wanted to. A few weekends ago, I visited my best friend in MA to attend her graduation. That Friday night, there was a party for the seniors and I attended with her. Unfortunately, the party was incredibly whack (thumbs ALL the way down), but I managed to have a good time (just being with her was enough!). I'm not much of a night time person, anyway. I don't party often..but when I do, I tend to keep it simple. I don't like the thought of ruining something I like with a spilled drink from a college student that, literally, can't hold his or her liquor. Nooooo thank you. I'd rather stay home and have a glass of wine.

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Catching Up

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: Charming Charlie's (birthday gift) | Necklace: (token of love)
V-Neck Tee: Old Navy
Maxi Skirt: H&M ($15)
Purse: thrifted ($8)
Studded Flats: (my sister's closet)

As most of you know, I got my hair done the night before my birthday strictly for my birthday. Well, I had been busy posting outfits that I had photographed during my hiatus, but now I'm kind of getting back on track. With school being out, it's harder for my friends to be my photographers because one of them lives 2 hours away. I won't have her drive here for a photoshoot; that's just ridiculous. And my other assistant photographer doesn't live too close to me. We're in the same city, sure, but it's not as convenient as being on the same campus. So, I've been forced to find talent in another, hopefully reliable, person.

These were taken the day after my birthday, and, I must say, he did a very, very nice job. ;) Thank you!

For those of you who are just being introduced to this new hairstyle, how do you like it? My parents absolutely hate it. =/

*I thrifted the purse & bought the skirt on my birthday, and received the earrings as a birthday gift. Yay to presents! I had a wonderful birthday. It was everything I wanted it to be, and then some. Having people who truly love you is an amazing thing. I love you all!

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Of The Sun: My Hi-Low Dress & I

What I'm Wearing
Tassel Earrings: Icing | Necklace: Charming Charlie's | Belt: gift
Floppy Sun Hat: H&M ($15)
Hi-Low Dress: River Island from ASOS ($18)
Bow Flats: ASOS ($34)

I enjoy the sun during the last hour before it sets. It becomes less aggressive and more understanding of the stress it's put us through in the earlier hours of the day. Right before it sets, to me, is it's apology for being so harsh all day...and as much as I despise the winter and snow, I cannot stand a the scorching hot, harsh sunlight that summer brings. But once that nighttime breeze hits, everything is right in the world. But, since we cannot all just hide away in our homes all day until the sun simmers down a bit, I suggest you wear breathable fabrics. Things that don't cling to your every curve and crevice. I promise, tight clothing will only do you a major disservice. That is all. Excuse me while I jump in a tub of ice.

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10 Reasons You Should Own Something Leather

What I'm Wearing
Scarf: XSRE | Earrings: Talbots | Ring: H&M
Bow Tie: (came with a thrifted blouse)
Black Open Cardigan: Old Navy ($4)
Teal Blouse: thrifted ($3)
Leather Skater Skirt: H&M ($24)

I won't say much in this post because the image that follows this small talk will say all I need to say. I love leather-whether it's real or imitation. As long as I look good in it, it's okay with me. I just recently purchased a leather panel skirt and a "replacement" leather jacket (both of which I adore). Now, this leather skirt is my absolute favorite item in my closet for many reasons (good and bad). Good: it goes with everything. Bad: it goes with everything -_-. Seriously. I've tried to get rid of some tops in my closet. Right before I throw them in the "Don't Want" pile, I think of what outfit I could wear them with and as soon as I try this skirt on with the top, I decide to keep it. Not the kind of progress I'd want to make if I was trying to clean out my closet, ya know?

And now, without further ado, 10 reasons why you should own something leather!

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