A Much Needed Break

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: ICING | Rings: Charming Charlies & ALDO | Scarf: H&M
Fur Vest: H&M ($15)
Chambray Blouse: Calvin Klein Jeans from Macy's ($17)
Brown Leggings: H&M ($5)
Legwarmers: H&M
Brown Combat Boots: Journey's ($50)

I'm alive! =D I know I've been gone for quite some time... and I'll be gone (or at least not posting regularly) for just a while longer. School is working my little ole booty off and I don't have much of a booty to begin with! I must make school my priority if I want all my dreams to become reality. And, as much as I LOVE and ADORE blogging, I need to put that same kind of passion into my studies. You all understand, right? ♥

I didn't particularly like this outfit but I decided to make this post for two reasons:

1) So you all know that I'm not dying, and
2) You know what my days off look like. I RARELY wear leggings as pants (my little booty allows me to do so while still being visually polite and not disturbing the peace of people's sight) but for the past two weeks, I've been drowning in oversize sweaters and, dare I say it, jeans! Who woulda thought!? (You'll see on instagram!)

I hope you're all doing well, and if you're suffering in school like this lady is, remember, we... can... DO IT!!!

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Valentine's Day

What I'm Wearing
Scarf: F21 | Saddle Belt: H&M ($1) | Necklace: XSRE
Earrings: CR | Bracelets: F21
Navy Collarles Coat w/ Cape: H&M ($11)
Maroon Puffy Shoulder Dress: thrifted ($7.50)
Cream Thigh High Socks: F21
Brown Oxford Flats: Bass ($20)

Happy [belated] Valentine's Day!

Even if you didn't have the typical "Valentine", remember, as long as you love the person you are this day should be abundant in just as much love as any other day!

How To Be Your Perfect Valentine
1. Love yourself.
2. Show the people you care about just how much you love them.
3. Smile and enjoy the day. Smiles are contagious. You can be the reason for someone else's smile.

My Valentine's Day was filled with love and affection, as it should be, and as everyday before and after it should be as well. From Chipotle to the not so cold-day, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it! And, as most of you know, your girl Chocolate Laced is a spoken word poet/artist... in a way. I'm an executive board member of the #1 Performing Arts Student Group at my university, Phenomenal Voices, and on the night of Valentine's Day, we organized a beautiful showcase of talents that we called Love Jones. It was simply divine and I shared a very special piece with the audience (called My Addiction). :) Once the video is uploaded, I promise to share it with you all, too!

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day!
♥ ♥ ♥ Ifunaya ♥ ♥ ♥

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Living On The Edge ;)

What I'm Wearing
Spiked Hoop Earrings: ALDO | Necklace: ICING | Fur Lapel: H&M
Mustard Blazer: thrifted ($4)
Tan Button-Down: H&M Men's (gift)
Brown Leather Skirt: ZARA ($22)
Saddle Belt: H&M ($1)
Cream Sweater Tights: H&M
Riding Boots: Matisse Footwear (my sister's closet)

Okay...maybe I'm not living ON THE EDGE but these earrings certainly push me a few feet closer to it than usual! I really like how my accessories transformed this cute look into a more edgy look.

My hairstyle helped me taken an even bigger step towards the edge. But the style derived completely by chance. Most mornings, I like to play around with styling it and whatever happens...happens. On this morning...this happened, and I decided to run with it. If possible, I'll do a tutorial (for those interested!)

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What I'm Wearing
Scarf (worn as headwrap): (gift) | Earrings & Necklace: ICING | Pashmina: XSRE
Striped Cardigan: Walmart Kids ($12)
Striped Shirt: Club Monaco (thrifted $8)
Black Maxi Dress (worn as skirt): H&M ($15)
Black Chelsea Boots: ASOS ($20)

My headwrap, my cardigan, my shirt and my skirt all have one thing in common! Well... two things if you count the fact that they're all in the same color family! They're all knotted! I didn't do it intentionally, but I realized after tying my shirt and my skirt (which is actually a maxi dress) that I was tying a lot of knots!

Oh, I went thrifting in this outfit! I find that going thrifting in outfits that are just as easy to take off as they are to put on saves a ton of time! Nine times out of ten, I go thrifting in skirts or leggings. And, since I spend no less than 3 hours during each thrifting journey, I like to save time in any way I can. This being one of them! I can't wait to show you all what I found! You'll see one on Valentine's Day! Stay tuned ;)

Until next time! :)

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