Happy Halloween: Roaring 20's Flapper

Happy Halloween! I'm programmed to say that on every October 31st and not because Halloween is a holiday (technically, it isn't!) but because ever since I can remember, schools in America have almost screamed this greeting at the tops of their lungs with loud decorations, ghoulish costumes and cavity causing candy (I'll take the candy, please and thank you!)

What I'm Wearing
Headband: DIY
Stud Earrings: H&M
Peacoat: H&M ($15)
Black Fur Lapel: H&M ($3)
Long Pearl Necklace: Express (gift)
Fringe Dress: H&M ($15)
Tights: H&M ($1)
Patent Kitten Heels: Payless ($22)

Halloween, to me, is happy for two reasons:
1) Because it's another day that I get to experience and I'm always thankful and happy for each new day! and
2) I get an excuse to dress up creatively and not be considered weird for it! Why would I say no to that?!

I always DIY my costumes (I only started "dressing up" and trick-or-treating for Halloween when I was 18 (when I started college). I never dressed up or trick or treated prior to that. My freshman year, I was Thing 2 and one of my best friends was my Thing 1 companion. My sophomore year, I was a road. My junior year, I was a prisoner (no picture evidence! Hehehe) and finally, as a senior, I'm a flapper!

I got the amazing makeup tutorial from here and it really completed my look! Thankfully all the items I needed for this costume were within reach! My "cigarette stick" is a chopstick! :)

Did you dress up? If so, what was your costume?

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Mustard & Cream

What I'm Wearing
Navy Cape: ASOS ($22)
Cream Pashmina Scarf: Forever 21 ($7)
Earrings & Cuff Bracelet: Forever 21
Necklaces: Delia's (gift)
Cream Oversize Blouse: H&M ($15)
Mustard Skirt: Forever 21 (gift)
Cream Sweater Tights: Forever 21 ($7)
Taupe Booties: I.N.C. Shoes ($21)

As you've probably noticed, I am a huge fan of fall color combos. I guess I can thank the environment for that. My friends have developed a pretty good eye thanks to having to photograph me so often and, now, they are always on the lookout for a good area to shoot. Jasmine informed me of this bridge and I knew that I'd fall in love with any pictures I took on or around it (and by the amount of pictures in this post, you can see that I wasn't lying!) I technically dressed to compliment my surroundings. I had never seen or visited the bridge, but I had a feeling that solid colors that stood out (not too loudly) would do the area justice.

Oh! About the outfit, I'm wearing the blouse backwards! I wore it normally in this outfit and you can see that it has a pocket to my right. When I had purchased it, I noticed the pleats on the back and thought it was the front! So I thought, why not switch things up?!

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To Brighten Up My Day

What I'm Wearing
Bright Yellow Pashmina Scarf: Forever 21 ($6)
Earrings: thrifted ($2)
Necklace: ALDO
Cuff Bracelet: Forever 21
Belt: ALDO
Leather Jacket: H&M (gift)
Black Sequinned Shirt: Forever 21 thrifted ($)
Mint White High Waisted Pants: Topshop ($20)
Black Studded Loafers: Zigi Soho (my sister's closet)

Many of you may not know it, but I am a Computer Science and Applied Mathematics major (yea, say that five times fast...) and I've often wondered if I'd ever reach a point where I'd mistakenly merge blogging and programming or even make an incredibly corny joke that almost no one would get... I almost reached that point with this post...with a concept as simple as ambiguity. (Oh gosh, I already feel like I'm rambling and no one cares, but I'll continue just for the heck of it!)

Usually, I observe all my outfit photos at once to gain a general feel and mood from them and that's how I come up with my post titles. This group of pictures made me think about the kind of day I had in this outfit: a really bad one. I had terrible luck finding what to wear (this outfit was super last minute), I was late to my ONLY class, and I didn't get to eat at all until nighttime. But I remembered that I threw on my bright yellow scarf in hopes of having it lighten up my mood (and outfit). I also wasn't planning on taking any pictures of this outfit, but my lovely friend, Jasmine, convinced me to and with just a few shots, I was in love and my smile was brighter than the sun.

So, with that, my post's title is ambiguous because it could be referring to either my scarf or taking photos! (Lol, that is my conclusion to the "Prove that your post title is ambiguous" question! See?! Corny joke!)

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Very Vintage

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: eBay
Necklace: (my sister's closet)
Bracelet: Icing ($2)
Floral Blouse: thrifted ($4)
Black High Waisted Pants: Macy's ($10)
Suede Wedges: BCBG (my sister's closet)

It could have been the shoulder pads. It could have been the super slimming and lengthening effect of the high waisted skinny pants. Maybe even the bold floral print pair with black, the experimental hairstyle that I ended up falling love with, or even my plum lip stain. It's quite possible that it was a combination of all these factors! Whatever it was, I felt like I walked out of a black and white motion picture from way back in the day! Another amazing thrifting find, this blouse is currently giving me all the life that I need. "YOLO" has nothing on me!

P.S. On my Facebook page, I am just a few likes away from 400! So, if haven't done it already, like Chocolate Laced on Facebook and help me reach my goal! Please and thank you! =D

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