Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 18 - Statement Jewelry

I don't think I have many statement pieces, so I went digging in my sister's closet and pulled out a few of hers! I asked her first, of course. This outfit is a huge thanks to her wonderful taste.

Day 18: I love the proliferation of statement jewelry over the past couple years. A good chunky necklace or big pair of earrings can add so much to an otherwise plain outfit. So bust out that big piece of jewelry you've got lurking in your jewelry box (or maybe make a fun new piece?) and wear it with pride.

If I could name this outfit, I would call it "Neutral With A ROAR!" I love the plain cream/ivory colored palette underneath the necklace and cheetah blazer. I bought my top on sale from Old Navy because I loved how well it fit. It was marked $12 and I had a coupon for 30% off! I'm usually an Old Navy x-small, but I got it in a medium because the larger fit seemed more flattering in my eyes. However, when I went about reading the reviews, people didn't like the normal fit because the blouse is already made big. *shrug* To each her own I guess.

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: Forever 21 (old)
Necklace: Icing (my sister's closet)
Cheetah Blazer: H&M (my sister's closet)
Cream Top: Old Navy ($9) [shop]
Cream High-Waisted Shorts: H&M (thrifted $6)
Leaf Clamp Bracelet: Icing (my sister's closet)
Cluster Ring: Forever 21 ($3)
Gold Watch: gift (my mother's collection)
Tan Sandals: Payless ($13)
TOTAL: $31

I really love this necklace. I wish my sister would take me shopping with her because she always has the most fabulous and fascinating pieces while mine seem so bland in comparison!
I've seemed to tone down my usual color choices in the past couple days. I love neutrals for fall! I know it's not technically fall yet, but I'm highly anticipating it!

As much as I love blogging, doing it daily is a lot for me to handle. Taking the pictures is easy. It never takes me more than 15 minutes. It's writing the posts and editing the pictures that take up most of my time. I do it all at once and it takes up a little over an hour. That would be fine if I didn't always get distracted and find myself browsing so many other blogs! Once this challenge is over (only 3 more days!) I'll still post frequently, just not every single day.

Until tomorrow!

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