Fall Combo: Maroon, Camel, Denim & Leopard

What I'm Wearing
Leopard Scarf (worn as head wrap): H&M | Clip-On Earrings: thrifted | Necklace: ALDO
Wool Blazer: thrifted
Camel Sweater: H&M
Denim Blouse: H&M
Jeans: AEO
Combat Boots: CR

I definitely went for the kill with the combinations I chose with this outfit. I, honestly, was just trying to stay warm because the weather has been so evil lately. I love fall just like the next fashion blogger, but some days, I really can't win! I usually start my days around 8 am, and, at that time, it's usually around 45 degrees Fahrenheit! Yea..BURR! Howeverrrrr, the temperature spikes to an unforgiving 74 degrees by 3 pm and I'm sweating bullets! And, you guessed it, on this day...I was sweating the shell casings of an AK-47.

But, my high school track coach told me, "Ladies don't sweat. They glisten."

So, I say, glisten on Chocolate Laced. Glisten. On.

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A "Decades of Fashion" Appreciation Post

What I'm Wearing
White Sunnies: Five Below ($4) | Black Sunnies: (temporarily borrowed from Denzel)
Clip-on Earrings: thrifted | Bracelets: ALDO | Necklace: Wet Seal
Giraffe Pin: gift from Mom
Teal Blazer: thrifted
Striped Top: Club Monaco thrifted
High Waisted Shorts: thrifted DIY
Striped Tights: River Island | Blue Tights: HUE
Black Oxfords: Big Buddha

I am a huge fan of 80's & 90's fashion trends. From the "dare-I-wear-this" prints and the high waisted mom jeans to the combat boots, shoulder pads, and retro windbreakers. I love it all. So every once in a while...and by "once in a while" I really mean "week"...I pay tribute to the decades of fashion that stole my heart.

This week, I turned a pair of high waisted mom jeans into some shorts, I dared to wear bright blue tights underneath a vertical striped pair, I brought out my [sister's] leather fossil bag (because who does vintage better than Fossil?), I fully equipped my shoulders with shoulder pads (just in case someone needed to "Lean On Me*"), and I rocked my vintage-esque sunnies (which seem to change color in the post, but, don't be fooled. I just borrowed Denzel's because they fit my outfit better. Hehe).

It's so hard to choose my favorite part of 80's & 90's fashion, because there was so much to love! Decades of fashion, this has been an appreciation post from someone who loves you immensely.

What is your favorite 80's and/or 90's trend?

*Lean On Me is a GREAT movie for 80's/90's fashion inspiration and just a great movie all together!

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Black & Gold

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: ALDO | Leather Chain Linked Bracelet: ALDO
Boyfriend Blazer: thrifted
Studded Collar Blouse: Material Girl (Macy's)
Maxi Skirt: eBay
Gold Tip Flats: ASOS

As summer is creeping to a glorious end, my mornings and nights are getting colder, yet, my afternoons are beaten by the rays of the tireless sun. So, I dress accordingly: tights underneath my maxi skirt (which also proved super convenient for my bike riding escapades that day) and a bright mustard yellow blazer to match the sun's intensity, but not quite compete with it.

"Hello everyone!"

That's my hair... saying hi... since, you know, it's been hiding for the last year and some months. I'm happy to say that a desirable amount of length has surfaced in that time, but a great lack of knowledge lingers as I scramble through my current hair products to restart the process of constant moisturizing and the whole nine that comes along with wearing such a crown.

To all my natural haired divas with 4b/4c textured hair, help a sista' out! What is your day to day hair routine!?

^Up there... that's my "help-me-out-I'm-slightly-hopeless-over-here" face. C'mon. How can one resist a plea presented like that?!

Until next time!

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My Pant-alloons!

What I'm Wearing
Scarf: old | Earrings: NY&C | Necklace: CR
Leopard Belt: Talbots | Beaded Bracelets: gift
Cropped Sweater: H&M thrifted
High-Waisted Harem Style Jeans: Z. Cavaricci thrifted
Combat Boots: CR

I was going to name this post something boring like, "Harem Denim! Who Knew?" but this really cute guy I know saw me and called them "pant-alloons" which I thought was super cute and completely hilarious. So, I took it from him. Hehe, I'm allowed. ;)

So, I would like to introduce you all to my pantalloons aka balloon pants aka awesome piece of work that I thrifted for not one but two dollars. The price still takes me aback. I paid two dollars for a pair of pantalloons that do everything for my body that I want done:

1) Accentuate my waist. Check.
2) Create the illusion of hips. Check.
3) Create the illusion of a pleasantly round derriere. Check.
4) Make me look fabulous. Check. Check. And, you guessed it, CHECK!

Pantalloons, you really only had one job, but you took on four and exceeded all expectations. I salute you, pantalloons. I. Salute. YOU.

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