Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 16 - Menswear

by - Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This bag and these shoes were exactly why I was so excited for this challenge! Aren't they divine?

Day 16: It's kind of fun to wear boy clothes sometimes. You can go all out with a tie and button up shirt or go subtle with a chunky watch and menswear inspired shoes or mix something masculine with something really feminine. You can even raid your significant other's closet if you want (I won't tell).

When I saw the shoes I fell in love with them. When I found them in my size I had my friends hold me up from fainting. The bag was like a gift from above. When my family moved into our current place of residence, this bag was one of the treasures that came with it. The previous owners left it in the garage along with other things. I've been eyeing the bag for the past four years that we've lived here and no one touched it (or even moved it!) so I took the liberty of giving such a worthy and beautifully structured bag a place in my closet.

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: (old)
Denim Jacket: Gap thrifted ($8)
Button Down: H&M (my sister's closet)
High-Waisted Croppped Pants: H&M ($10)
Belt: H&M (came with pants)
Leather Watch: Fossil (gift)
Herringbone & Leatherette Oxfords: Forever 21 ($25)
Leather Structured Bag: vintage
TOTAL: $43

I'm starting to realize that time management is crucial when trying to be Superwoman! Going to school, working, doing extra-curriculars, blogging, having a social and family life, and finding time for myself takes a lot out of me! I need to start finding myself in bed before 12!

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