Chocolate Laced: Interview Two

Earlier this week, I was called back for second interview with one of my beloved fashion companies for their sales advisor/associate position. I did my infamous happy dance and then began to mentally browse my closet for an outfit that may suit a second interview. After two attempts, I found that the third time really is the charm!

At first, I wanted to wear a teal halter collared top with purple pants and a beige/tan blazer, but I felt that it was too colorful for an interview and I had no idea what shoes to wear with it. Then I switched the purple pants for these high waisted knit harem pants and I knew the pants had to stay but the top didn't fit the way I wanted it to. I went into my closet and took a quick look around and viola! My outfit was born.

I'm not exactly sure what a second interview entails but I do hope I am more than prepared for it. Not only am I yearning to get this job, but it would be so convenient in terms of transportation. I don't know if I mentioned this in the first interview post, but it takes me an hour to get to my current job (I take the bus). If I were to get this position, it would only take me 20 minutes max! That excites me even more than I already am!

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: (gifted from Mom)
Necklace: (gifted from Mom)
Ring: (gifted from Mom)
Leaf Clamp Bracelet: ASOS ($7)
Belts: H&M (3 for $12)
Bag: Nine West (my sister's closet)
Linen Blazer: Chaps (old gift)
Polka Dot Top: Material Girl from Macy*s (gift)
Knit Harem Pants: Forever 21 ($15)
Floral Pumps: Me Too from DSW ($32)
TOTAL: $63

My mom bought my sister this blazer way before I was old enough to buy my own clothes. My sister didn't like it because of the highly unflattering fit, so she gave it to me. (Can you feel the love?) I have had this blazer for over 6 years and I didn't start wearing it comfortably until recently. I found this article on College Fashion that showed me how to easily adjust my blazer for a more flattering fit. Thank goodness for that article! I added both a ribbon and a giraffe broach to the back and now I can't get enough of this blazer.

See? A broach and a ribbon can make all the difference!

My interview is at 11:00 AM today and I'll be working from 3:00 PM to 9:30 PM after it (don't worry, I have a pair of flats to change into!) Once I get home, I'll edit this post to update you all on how it went! Wish me luck (again)!

[UPDATE]: I got the job! :D It's at H&M which may mean nothing to some people, but it's a big deal for me! Yay!


Chocolate Laced: Inside My Closet Part I

(photo credit:
Hello everyone!

I've been MIA lately, I'm deeply sorry. There have been a plethora of outfits in the past week that I would have loved to blog about, but situations (like forgetting my laptop at work and having to work 11 hours in one day twice in the week) have not given me the opportunity to blog or even prepare a scheduled post.

A few days before my last post, I rearranged my closet (which happens to be a tiny extra room in my house; it's near my bedroom, too, so points for convenience!) and it was so clean and it looked so different that I had to take pictures of it! It wasn't until after I took the pictures that I decided I'd share it with all of you!

  1. Box of Belts - I have over 30 belts. Most of them I don't used/haven't used. But I keep them rolled up and color coordinated in that box. Sometimes they get tangled. Sometimes I fix it.
  2. Bags - Not super happy with my collection, I'm working on getting more colors and textures and getting rid of the pointless ones that remain.
  3. DIY Jewelry Hangers - I got the idea from several websites and they both took about five to ten minutes max.
  4. Shoes - Oh, I love shoes! Most of my flats are reaching retirement though.
  5. Jewelry & Pants - Yeah, a weird combination, but I'll explain later.
  6. New Stuff! - Yea, I leave them in their bags/boxes for about a week so I'm not tempted to wear them. I have so much stuff that I shouldn't be buying anything! But I hate to walk away from a good sale!
  7. Clothes - Six drawers full
  8. More Clothes - I have to double, triple, quadruple, (and so on) each hanger. So no hanger holds only one item.
I've decided to share my closet in different parts because it seems too big to share all in one post. So, this post is dedicated to the jewelry!

I used a picture frame and some plastic net-ish thing I found around the house to make the earring holder on the wall and I used cardboard, pins, and the fabric off an old pair of pants to make the necklace hanger. My bracelets and rings are stacked on a paper towel dispenser. The vintage container and porcelain container were found around my house.

I hope you enjoyed your first peek into my closet!


Chocolate Laced: Interview!

Today I had an interview at one of my favorite places to shop! I don't want to jinx it, so I will refrain from mentioning the company's name. I will mention, however, that it is very fashion forward and since I stepped foot in there for the first time when I was 16, I knew that I wanted to work their at some point in life. Hopefully that point comes much sooner than later! Although the interview was a tad late notice, I thought my outfit made a good enough impression.

I was interviewed directly after my camp job, so yes, I did wear this to camp. I was completely comfortable and the sun hat did wonders for blocking the sun. I just wish my head wasn't so large! I don't have any wiggle room in the hat. It fits like a glove.

I usually don't post of work days because I get so tired after eight hours with kids but today had to be the exception because I'm so high-strung on gaining the interview!

What I'm Wearing
Floppy Sun Hat: $8 (Walmart)
Leaf Earrings: F21 (3 for $5)
Necklace: F21 ($2)
Leaves Clamp Bracelet: ASOS ($7)
Gold Bracelets: (gift)
Tank: Rainbow ($3)
Geometric Print Blouse: eBay ($5)
High-Waisted Croppped Pants: H&M ($10)
Belt: (came with pants)
Mustard Flats: Nine West (gift)
TOTAL: ~$37

Cross your fingers everyone! If I gain this position I'll be the happiest camper alive! (Hehehe, I wonder how my campers would feel about that!)

P.S. Thank you all for your color combo contributions in the previous post! I made something that I'll share in the next post (which will be scheduled and will also be a look into my closet, part one!) Stay tuned and thank you all for reading.


Chocolate Laced: New Hair

The hairstyle I've been waiting for is finally on my head! Drum roll, please!


Four hours: the shortest amount of time that I've ever had to sit in a chair to get braids. The last time I got braids in my hair, I was visiting Nigeria, they were one TENTH the size of these and it took 21 hours to do! I am very please with the outcome. How do you like my new hair?

For some reason, I have developed a slight obsession with the combination of olive and denim/chambray.

What I'm Wearing
Denim Vest: H&M (closet swap)
Earrings: F21 ($2)
Cropped Tee: DIY
Skinny Cargos: H&M ($5)
Flats: Steve Madden (gift)
Necklaces: F21 ($6) & CR (my sister's closet)
Watch: Fossil (gift)
Bangles & Bracelets: yard sale ($2 ea. x2) & (my sister's closet)
Backpack: Thrifted ($13)
TOTAL: $30

Readers: Question!

I've been really fascinated by color combinations lately and I want to make a visual chart of aesthetic, eye-catching combos as a reference if I'm ever feeling like I need a little more inspiration for an outfit. With that said, what are your favorite color combos (to see/wear)? Please answer below! I'll be greatly appreciative!


Chocolate Laced: Everybody Everywear - Mellow Yellow

I knew that I wouldn't have any time to do this during the week with camp, so I decided to wear my yellow a few days early. (That's not cheating, right? I'll still post this on Tuesday!) This is officially my first time participating in a Everybody Everywear style challenge. I found it while blog hopping and what a great find!

I brought the complimentary colors purple and yellow together with my head wrap and without looking like a Lakers fan (because I'm not!). My mother gave me the head wrap, which I chose to tie traditionally because a) I like it this way and b) it's the perfect go-to item when having a bad hair day! I'm getting my hair done on Saturday, so this entire week, my hair will be wrapped up because I don't feel like doing anything to it. My next outfit post will hopefully be on Sunday with my new 'do!

I love how the color yellow makes my skin glow!

What I'm Wearing

Head Wrap: (gift from Mom)
Earrings: Goodwill (gift from Mom)
Button-Up: (gift from Mom)
Belt: NYC Street Vendor ($1)
Pencil Skirt: H&M thrifted ($4)
Pumps: Rocket Dog Orient Pumps ($30)
Cuff & Bangle: yard sale ($2 ea.)
TOTAL: $39

This top was so troublesome. It's extremely short in the torso because it's a 4 in petites. I've had it since I was in high school, maybe even before then. I like the color but I despise the fit. This skirt made the shirt work, though. It may be a little tighter than I'd normally wear, but the skirt gave my body a shape that I rarely see! Are those hips?! (Just nod your  head slowly and agree with me...)

I bought the skirt from Plato's Closet and I was lucky because as I cashed out, the chasier told me that she had JUST put it out that same day. :) Lucky me!

I bought the bangle and the cuff that I'm wearing on Saturday. I was walking home and a neighbor was having a HUGE jewelry yard sale. Beautiful pieces but I liked the simplicity (and the price!) of these two.


Chocolate Laced: Midi, Lace & Leopard

This week has been incredibly hectic for me. I've immersed myself in camp work to the point where I barely have time for anything else! I'm as energetic as the energizer bunny while at camp but once I step into my house, every last bit of energy that I have is used to walk me over to my bed. Today, I decided that I needed to get things done! I finally got to shipping the items that I sold on eBay. I made an appointment to get my hair done next Saturday and I bought a hot/neon pink dolman sleeved crop top that I thought would go well as my neon + neutral look. It was on sale for $10 at sears and the fit was too cute to boot.

In an attempt to try something new, I threw on this colbat blue midi skirt that I bought new from eBay, the striped cream lace and gray tank that I got as a birthday gift, and the leopard bow belt that I bought on sale from ASOS. This outfit was worn solely for the sake of comfortability and boy, was I comfy.

What I'm Wearing

Earrings: (gift)
Tank Top: Forever 21 (gift)
Belt: ASOS ($6)
Chiffon Skirt: eBay ($9)
Sandals: Payless ($13)
Bracelets, Ring & Watch: Assorted (~$5)
TOTAL: ~$33

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