Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 13 - Neutral...Pop!

by - Saturday, August 27, 2011

So I was excited for today's challenge...that is until Hurricane Irene swooped down and destroyed all my pending plans. I'm gonna be home all day today (not including a brief trip to Walmart to stock up on some hurricane relief items...mostly food) and I didn't want to get all spiffy just to walk around the house. Le sigh.

Day 13: I love neutrals with a pop of color (in rooms as well as in clothes). It's classic but still kind of unexpected. Your pop can be accessory, a skirt, a lipcolor. Have fun with it!

What I was going to wear was a lot happier than this. I like happy outfits. But today, my melancholy outfit tells a story and it goes: In the midst of Irene's gray skies, all I really want is some sunlight! The end. How'd I do? Is there a bright future for me in the story writing business?

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: (closet swap)
Necklace: (gift)
Oversized Vest: H&M ($5)
Shirt: H&M ($3 eBay)
Belt: H&M (3 for $12; $4 eac)
Pants: H&M ($5)
Sequin Flats: Steve Madden ($40)
TOTAL: $57

Thank goodness for H&M, huh? With the exception of my shoes and jewelry, my entire outfit is from there. Gotta love me some Hennes! I actually love working there. It's only been two weeks and I don't want to leave! It's like going to work in my dream closet every day.

So, I also painted my nails neutral with a pop! Not for the sake of this challenge, but just because I love fall colors and I'm anxious for the season to arrive! Taupe and maroon! I may have an outfit for that! For all of you who are in the midst of Hurricane Irene or are awaiting her arrival like I am, be safe!

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