Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 14 & 15 - Inspiration and New Hairdo

Today is the first day of class! After losing power last night because of Hurricane Irene and being forced to wake up early, I woke up this morning in disbelief. This summer flew by! Having started this blog in the beginning of the summer, it puts it all into perspective for me. I've only had one class so far; my next one is at 4:15 PM. I'm currently in the library moving my head slower than usual and bumping to Micheal Jackson! Happy Birthday MJ!

Day 14: I want you to copy someone. Find an outfit that you loved on someone else and recreate it for yourself using stuff from your own closet. Make it work for your style and body type and make it your own.
Day 15: Your head has the power to make or break your outfit (AND your confidence) so tomorrow I want you to try something new with your hair and build your outfit around it. Try loose waves or a high bun or victory rolls or a crown braid or maybe a new hair accessory.

Hurricane Irene made it impossible for me to do an outfit post yesterday because 1) I didn't go anywhere and 2) I had no power (on and off, it was scary)! I was going to wear this outfit to church, but I just decided to combine it with my new hairdo today. And what better day to do both than on the first day of class when everyone looks extra spiffy! I was inspired to wear this outfit while browsing a Refinery29 article on how to wear neon colors without looking like traffic cone! This look is called "Neon in the Nude". This color is so bright I can't tell what it is! It's a tomato-y dark coral-like red! I'll just call it coral. I think that may be my color!

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: (gift)
Neon Blouse: Old Navy (gift) [shop]
Pants: Macy's ($8)
Flats: Steve Madden (gift)
Watches: Gold Seiko and Leather Fossil (gifts)
Bracelet: CR (my sister's closet)
Necklace: Forever 21 (my sister's closet)

My hair! I saw the style on a Japanese girl and later on Lady Gaga and I promised myself that when I put long hair on my head, I would make a hair bow tie! It was SO difficult because the procedure for holding a hair bow made of heavy braids is so much different than making one with real hair. I got some help from a YouTube video and when that didn't work, I found what worked for me on my own! I'm just very careful as to how much vigor I put into moving around. It's certainly making me walk with a lot more grace. I absolutely love it! I also tied my belt in the style of a bow tie to compliment my hair!

Tomorrow's challenge is menswear! I could cry with excitement!

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