Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 10 - Closet Orphan

What's a closet orphan, you ask? It's that lonely, abandoned piece in your closet that wears itself because you don't let it see the light of day. I had to dig deeper than an investigator to find a closet orphan among my clothes. I feel like I give everything equal love! To fulfill this challenge, I dove into my closet to find the Annie of it all.

Day 10: I want you to reach deep into the recesses of your closet and find yourself a sad, lonely closet orphan in need of some love. Maybe you'll find something that you can move into regular rotation or maybe you'll discover that there was a reason the thing was a closet orphan in the first place and you'll finally put it in the Goodwill pile. Either way, I want you to wear that closet orphan with pride and build a fabulous outfit around it!

Is it a good or bad thing that it took me HOURS to find an in-season closet orphan?! Most of my clothes are new, so those I haven't worn are more like closet newborns. So, how's a graphic tee for a closet orphan? I have so many of them and I've worn a good number of them this summer (not this one though!) for camp, but I never reach for them to complete an outfit.

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: Forever 21 (old)
Owl Necklace: eBay ($1)
Striped Cardigan: Gap ($6 thrifted)
Graphic Tee: (gift)
Bandage Denim Skirt: Material Girl for Macy's ($10)
Red Vans: (gift)
TOTAL: $17

This skirt is also a closet orphan. I don't remember when I got it, but I've never worn it before today. I like the design, but I've always been self conscious about the fit. It actually doesn't look too shabby! I paired them up with this striped cardigan (which is a closet newborn!)

I helped my friend move into her dorm today (yes, in this outfit! It's very flexible!) and it dawned on me... Classes start on MONDAY! I'm going to be so busy, yet still finding time to blog because I love it so much! I hope I'm able to do everything I set out to do. I'd REALLY love a 4.0 this semester (and this year). I was able to pull it off my entire freshman year, but I went to a different university... a smaller one. Wish me luck!

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