Neutral Color Blocking & Leather Paneled Pants

leather pants, cape coat

What I'm Wearing
Layered Scarves: H&M + F21 | Headband: ICING
Stacked Bracelets: Charlotte Russe | Chandelier Earrings: (my sister's closet) | Necklace: Wet Seal
Navy Collarless Coat w/ Cape: H&M ($11)
Cream Dolman-Sleeved Sweater: H&M ($10)
Rusty Brown Leather Paneled Pants: H&M ($7.50)
Penny Loafer Heels: H&M ($7.50)
Tan Handbag: Cole Haan (thrifted)

Usually when people think of "color blocking", images of a color wheel, reds, purples, yellows and things of that sort will come to mind. But who says you can't color block with neutrals? It's a safe way to start if bold colors aren't really your thing (yet!) and it's equally effective in exuding that ever so enticing "eye-catching" trait.

Now, these pants are my personal favorite. I don't wear them often because I'm afraid they'll tear and I don't have another pair (I gifted my dark brown ones to my cousin after having them sit in my closet, unworn, for about 4 months. But if any of you have a pair in black or brown, a size 4 or 6, and you don't want it, just throw it in the recycle bin that I call my arms. I will kindly do away with it for you ;] ). And (an added bonus) as you can see, I bought just about everything I'm wearing on SUPER SALE at H&M about a year or so ago. Whoot!

Also, God bless my Erica! It really was freezing out and she helped me take such wonderful photos even though we could both feel the blood in our fingers and toes freezing over. I bribed her with hot chocolate, though. ;) Not me, the drink. Hehe. I had some myself. Right before we had to bear the cold.

♥ Until next time! ♥

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How To Pretend You're Not Freezing In 20 Degree Weather (& Links à la Mode)

What I'm Wearing
Mint Chunky Scarf: borrowed | Earrings: ALDO
Black Coat: H&M ($12)
Coral Blazer: thrifted ($4.50)
Zigzag Striped Top: River Island ($11)
Black Button Up Skirt: H&M ($7)
Black Tights: Express (gift)
Black Wedges: Charlotte Russe ($11)

JUST KIDDING! It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and almost impossible to pretend to NOT be cold when it's freezing.. I promise you, when I figure it out, I will share the wealth free of charge! Buuuut, for now, I do breathing exercises to help me keep calm in the cold... And I think of supermodels who take pictures in extreme weather conditions. Those ladies are pin thin and their pictures turn out heavenly. So, I try to channel their energy. Of course, it doesn't always work, but it's certainly worth the try!

I layer like it's no one's business, though. With this outfit, I had on double tights (a sweater pair and a very thick pair), and four layers on top (my coat, my blazer, my blouse, and a tank top underneath it). And even with all those extra layers of skin, I could still feel my blood freezing and my breath transforming from vapor to icicles. Albany is cold.

I'm officially discouraged from wearing skirts this least until the weather goes above 30 degrees again (that's Fahrenheit!)

But, if any of you figure out how to pretend you're not freezing in 20 degree weather before I do, please, enlighten me!

Oh! I had the honor of being featured on Independent Fashion Blogger's weekly Links à la Mode! Check out the other wonderful posts! They are all certainly worth the read!



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Winter Colors: I Was Pin-spired!

What I'm Wearing
Coral Scarf: XSRE | Earrings: Charlotte Russe | Cuff Bracelet: Yard Sale
"Africa" Wooden Necklace: c/o my friend/this post's photographer, Helmi
Black Peacoat: H&M ($5)
Gray Sweater: H&M Men's ($15)
White Studded Collar Button Up: Forever 21 (my sister's closet)
Teal Pants: H&M ($15)
Taupe Booties: I.N.C. Shoes ($21)

In honor of my last post, I thought I'd put together a look that was inspired by Pinterest! Here's my inspiration (Pretty much exact!):

I loved the combination of gray, teal and white when I saw the outfit and I thought coral would be a lovely addition and it worked!

I got dressed before I realized it was snowing outside and I didn't want to go through the trouble of changing my shoes, so I walked everywhere in my booties and it certainly wasn't as difficult as I thought!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this outfit. It screams winter! (My ears are still ringing!) And my friend, Helmi, did such a wonderful job taking pictures of it (that's why there are so many. I feel slightly vain, but choosing which ones to feature was the hardest part!) And he was a great director as well. We ended up taking over 100 pictures. And I ended up getting very "diva" and very cold!

All worth it, though!

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