Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 6 - Unconventional

How do you like my bandeau top? Guess what?
It's a scarf!
Day 6. Get Creative.
Day 6: I want you to think outside the box and wear something in an unconventional way. Wear a skirt as a dress or a shirt. Wrap a necklace around your wrist a and wear it as a bracelet. Use a men's tie as a belt. Do something cool with a scarf. It's up to you- be creative!

I must admit, I was completely stumped by this challenge. I had less than a handful of ideas, most of them my closet wouldn't allow me to do. This challenge asks us to step out of the box and wear an article of clothing as something other than what it's meant for. I tried two outfits priorto choosign this one and the creative wears I came up with for those gave me great ideas for future outfits!

What I'm Wearing
Jewelry: gifted (my Mom's collection)
Chambray Top: Calvin Klien Jeans from Macy's ($17)
Floral Bandeau Top/Scarf: Wet Seal ($8)
Paperbag High-Waisted Pants: Macy's ($8)
Strappy Wedges: De Blossom from Tilly's ($11)
TOTAL: $44

I guess I did something cool with a scarf. I wrapped the scarf around myself and tied a very tight double knot in the front. I liked the way the scarf initially draped from the knot (see the first picture), but I decided to take the drapery and "stylishly" cover up the exposed.

Can we talk about my shoes for a minute? The style first: I LOVE wedges. "Man invented heels. Woman invented wedges." My friend said that to me and she couldn't be more right! Wedges are the flats of height! The most comfortable "heels" ever! Especially these. I bought them online, on sale, from Tilly's and for them to fit and feel the way they do (without any trying before buying), I'm completely satisfied. I walked around for hours in these babies and I could walk some more! These shoes were made for walking!

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  1. Whaaat? How did you tie it so perfectly?? Ok never mind I just scrolled back up and read it. YES I am a thousand percent with you and your friend about wedges. I wish I could walk around in heels on campus but it just ain't happening, but wedges I can manage! Kudos on a fantastically stylish and creative outfit, Stephanie.


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