Chocolate Laced: Inside My Closet Part II

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Hello again! It's been about three weeks since my first Inside My Closet post and I think that's a long enough wait! I wanted to do this post earlier, but I was waiting on a couple orders to arrive and now that they are all here (drum roll, please) it's about time to introduce everyone to my second favorite part of my closet:


I love my shoes but I think I have way too many sneakers. I had a slight obsession with Converses, Vans, and Keds while in high school. I had many more but I've downsized and hope to downsize a little more for some more flats and heels!

The Count
13 sneakers: 7 converses, 4 vans, 2 keds
2 oxfords: black London Rebel, cream Bamboo
5 boots: dark brown Bamboo, hot pink rainboots, Tan lace up booties, black studded Nomi, brown cowboy r2
8 flats: mustard Nine West, brown bow, bright plaid, denim RocketDog, red studded Carlos Santana, light brown SM, black sequinned SM, black peeptoe
3 sandals: white, black Hot Kiss, brown
2 sperry boat shoes
1 pair of TOMS

8 heels: black oxford heels, black JS pumps, black slingback CR pumps, gray peeptoe booties, silver caged Carlos Santana heels, black patent leather Dexter pumps, black floral Me Too pumps, purple RocketDog pumps
8 wedges: black caged Groove, nude snakeskin Micheal Antonio pumps, black strappy Paprika, canvas ASOS bootie, white strappy, patterned Qupid, nude strappy, striped espadrille

TOTAL: 50 pairs of shoes

Most of my shoes were gifted or handed down from one of my two older sisters. After counting all my shoes, I decided that my goal is to have 10 in each category listed above (maybe 5 sperrys and 5 TOMS combined instead of 10 of each of those.) I'm giving myself a year to two years to reach that goal. Does that seem reasonable enough?

Is 50 a lot? It sure doesn't seem like it. How many do you have (if you've counted)?

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