Stress Free & Colored Jeans Is The Way To Be!

What I'm Wearing
Leopard Scarf: H&M ($8)
Earrings: Forever 21 ($5)
Cream Chiffon Tie-Neck Blouse: H&M ($7.50)
Electric Blue Denim: H&M ($12)
White Leather Oxfords: Steve Madden ($17)

Well, I'm not completely stress free (yet)! But, on Monday night I brought out all my outfits for the entire week ahead of me. I usually bring out an outfit the night before I wear it, but I was restless on Monday night and decided to take it a step further and I'm glad I did.

I now have extra time at night to study or sleep (whichever is most necessary). Blogging my outfits is easier and the way I have them displayed in my room is super cute! Hopefully I'll be able to do this more often and maybe I'll take a picture of next week's outfit lineup!

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Embrace A Trend: Harem Pants (The Chic Sweatpants!)

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: Gold Stud (H&M) Long Leaf Dangle: (F21)
Necklace: F21 ($2)
Black Scarf (on head): (gift)
Hot Pink Oversized Sweater: Delia's (my sister's closet)
Lavender Oversized Sweater: VS PINK (my sister's closet)
Black Harem Pants: F21 ($15)
Mid Calf Leather Boots: Guess ($40)

I really wanted to take on the less visted and coveted trend of sweatpants and heels. Call me crazy if you like, but one day I will find the perfect pair of sweats to help me embrace this trend! I bought a pair from H&M and hoped it would work, but it was too short =/ so I substituted them for these wonderful harem pants. Not quite the look I was going for, but I ended up loving it.

I don't know how I came up with the idea of layering the oversized sweaters but I love the pop they gave this outfit.

This outfit is super comfortable. The jersey material of the pants make me feel like air when I'm wearing them. It's amazing. Comfortable chic for the win!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

What I'm Wearing
Pink & Cream Scarves: eBay ($3) & F21 ($6)
Red Cashmere Scarf: Grandoe (old & Mom's)
Necklace: ALDO ($7)
Cream Top: Old Navy ($9)
Red "Boyfriend" Jeans: H&M Mens ($20)
Hot Pink Cardigan: UK French Connection (?)
Tan Textured Tights: H&M ($12)
Taupe Booties: I.N.C. Shoes ($21)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Whether you're spending it with the man or woman you love, your siblings, your parents, your friends, or yourself, remember that today is all about love! If you find yourself feeling down, find the brightest red and a nice shade of pink that compliments it in your closet, put them on and paint yourself a beautiful smile. It might be hard, but after appearing happy, you'll start to feel happy!

I don't think I've ever been so festively dressed for a Valentine's day in my life--with the exception of primary school when those heart patterned henleys were all the rave--and I don't even have plans for tonight. I was stopped twice on my campus (by two different campus journalists) who correctly assumed that I was feeling the Valentine's Day spirit but incorrectly assumed that I had plans for the night. That made me giggle.

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Super Sale Shopping at H&M

It's been a while since I've shared the results of a shopping trip with you all! So to make up for time lost, I'm showing you my TWO most recent and favorite buys! Coincidentally enough, both were purchases from an H&M (the added employee discount is a life and wallet saver!)

Shopping Trip #1 (H&M: 5th Ave & 18th Street, Manhattan)

I bought these on Sunday, January 29. Why do I remember the date? Well, because that was the weekend I was in the city and the last day for H&M's promotional "Buy One, Get One Free" for sale items! Here's how I took advantage of such a great deal!

Navy Collarless Coat w/ Cape: Original - $69.95, Sale - $20, Paid - $0
Black Fur Collar: Original - $17.95, Sale - $3, Paid - $0
Black Dressy Coat: Original - $59.95, Sale - $29.97 (50% off), Paid - $22.48 (ED*)

Sweater Dress: Original - $29.95, Sale - $7, Paid - $5.25
Neon Blue Tank: Original - $17.95, Sale - $7, Paid - $0
Black & White Heart Sweater: Original - $29.95, Sale - $7, Paid - $5.25
Slate Blue High Waisted Midi-Skirt: Original - $49.95, Sale - $20, Paid - $15
Black Mini w/ Cutout: Original - $39.95, Sale - $10, Paid - $0
Black Pencil Skirt: Original - $24.95, (Not on sale), Paid - $18.71

2-Pack Tights: Original - $24.95, (Not on sale), Paid - $18.71

Grand Total: $87.06

Shopping Trip #2 (H&M: Crossgates Mall, Albany)

I went shopping after work on Saturday and found some treasures in the Girls section of H&M's Kids' sale section! Thank goodness for being able to fit into child sizes!

Plum Skinny Leg Pants: Original - $12.95, Sale - $5, Paid - $3.75
Shiny Black Cropped Pants: Original - $34.95, Sale - $5, Paid - $3.75
Gray Skinny Jeans (Girls): Original - $19.95, Sale - $5, Paid - $3.75
Gray Leggings (Girls): Original - $7.95, Sale - $3, Paid - $2.25
Denim Full Skirt (Girls): Original - $17.95, Sale - $3, Paid - $2.25
Creamy Chiffon Blouse w/ Gold Buttons: Original - $9.95, (Not on sale), Paid - $7.46
Rusty Brown Leather Trouser Leggings: Original - $24.95, Sale - $10, Paid - $7.50
Black Tailored Wool Shorts: Original - $24.95, Sale - $5, Paid - $3.75
Crushed Black Velvet Leggings (Girls): Original - $9.95, Sale - $5, Paid - $3.75

Grand Total: $38.21

And, that, my friends, is how you shop!

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Divert Thine Eyes! Is That Skin...or Tights?!

What I'm Wearing
Blush Pink Blazer: H&M ($15)
Gray Oversized Vest Cardigan: H&M ($5)
Taupe Button Down Tunic Dress (worn as shirt): F21 (thrifted $10)
Brown Saddle Belt: H&M ($5)
Blue Shorts: F21 ($11)
Nude Tights w/ Orange Accent: H&M Trend (2 for $25)
Gray Thigh High Socks: F21 ($7)
Cream Leg Warmers: H&M ($6)
Brown Booties: H&M ($25)

I was getting a lot of strange looks on campus today. I didn't see anyone looking at me because I don't pay much attention to people when I'm walking, but my friend was walking with me and she kept laughing because of it. She said it was probably because my tights were so close to my skin color that people were wondering why in the world I would leave my house in shorts and socks in 40 degree weather...

Little did they know that a) I have tights on and b) I'm sweating my butt off because of all my layers! I didn't take a picture of it but I'm wearing a sweater over my blazer, my infinity scarf and my cream hand warmers and I'm losing weight with every step I take!

Layering is wonderful and obviously deceiving. Look cold. Feel great!

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New Look! Artwork by Mahodd Harvin

A few weeks ago, I contacted one of my artistically inclined friends and asked--what I thought was--a huge favor of him. I gave him 4 of my favorite outfit photos and asked if he was able to create a representation of them in the form of fashion design sketches. I was planning on using them for my new layout, which you can see live now: simplistic with a touch of class and "wow" factor, thanks to his exquisite drawings.

The first drawing I displayed you can find on my about me page in a super cool merged cartoon/human version I created. The second drawing is my profile picture on my Facebook Page. The third drawing I used in my banner. And I plan on using the fourth picture as my twitter background.

The coolest thing about these drawings is that my friend, Mahodd (muh-HAHD), drew all these images on his iPad. Now, that is talent!

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