Combining Colors, Patterns & Textures!

One of the ways I have been able to extend the horizon of my wardrobe has been by experimenting with my color, pattern and texture combinations. It's very easy for someone to get stuck wearing jeans everyday or pairing everything with black. While there's really nothing wrong with wearing jeans or wearing black, there are many ways to make an outfit stand out if you choose to do so. It's also fun to step away from your normal look and try something completely out of the box! That's usually how I create my favorite outfits! I've put together a couple of my looks that will hopefully inspire you to start making some "WOW" factor combinations!

Deep Coral & Navy: I wore this outfit early in my blogging "career". I've always loved bright colors, but I wasn't brave enough to wear loud brights together just yet. This color combo is definitely perfect for spring as well as summer. When in doubt, pair a bright with a neutral that isn't black!

Red & Camel: This outfit remains, to this day, one of my top five favorite outfits. I was inspired by an outfit post that I had seen on 4acesdate and I added my own little spin to it.

Coral & Mint: This is more of a minty blue than the popular mint green and coral combo that everyone loves today.

Purple & Pink (cover photo): Now that I think about it, there isn't a set method to my color matching. I go by eye. If I think it will work, I try it. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. This outfit was certainly worth the risk!

Polka Dots & Houndstooh: When mixing prints, like I did here, try going for a monochromatic look. The prints will stand out rather than looking bland in a look with just one tone or color.

Stripes & Leopard: I've actually done quite a few looks with stripes and leopard: one monochromatic, one paired with beautiful brights and this one! I think this one really steps out of the box since, instead of pairing black and white stripes with leopard skin print, I paired a multicolored and unconventional striped pattern with a leopard/cheetah--I can't tell the difference--animal print.

Stripes & Floral: This is probably the safest and easiest pattern combination for you to try. When mixing stripes with your florals, try to have at least one color that pulls them together. It could be a color they have in common, or you could leap right into using complementary colors to bring them together! That would be super cute!

Abstract & Geometric (cover photo): I dove head first into this mix of prints and I'm so glad I did. The fact that the abstract print of the pants were black and white made this outfit that much more acceptable. Try pairing two wild patterns together and see how well it works out!

Denim & Lace: Adding a feminine touch to denim shorts by wearing them with floral lace tights will surely give a nice twist to an outfit!

Chambray & Chiffon: Creating depth in an outfit is as simple as this! Just as I stated with the last combo, add a feminine material with an "everyday" texture to create something new.

Leather & Lace: This is one of my favorite texture combinations ever. The juxtaposition of leather and lace, to me, is the epitome of a literal paradox. Lace is seen as delicate and sweet while leather is harsh and rough. Pair them together and you have a beautiful lie. I love it.

Linen & Denim (cover photo): Jazz up your jeans by pairing them with a texture that's sure to make them stand out! This linen blazer brought out the sand-washed look of my jeans as well as adding a new element to my outfit.

The End

I sure hope you enjoyed that post as much I enjoyed making it!

P.S. I've updated my Colors page! Check it out, I think you'll really love it... I mean, I do!

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