On A Mission!

What I'm Wearing
Brown Shades: Forever 21 (gift)
Gold Earrings: (gift from Mom's collection)
Chain Necklace & Coral Cuff Bracelet: F21 ($6 each)
Gold Cuff Bracelet: thrifted ($2)
Tie-Waist Sleeveless Blouse: thrifted (gift)
Denim Cutoff Shorts: DIY Levi Men's Jeans ($3 eBay)
Oxford-Style Flats: Kimichi Blue (eBay $10)

I am on a mission. Mission "Sell All My Unused Clothes". My first stop was Plato's Closet and out of the billion articles of clothing I brought to them, they took 15 (and paid me only a little over $2 an item). Now, I'm not looking to make any kind of magical profit, but $2 an item is not enough to put meals on my table or midnight snacks in my unsettled tummy. So, I thought to myself, "What other ways can I get a little bit of pocket money for these clothes?" And, viola! The idea came to me! At first I thought eBay, which is a good idea, but the sparks flew when I decided to open up Chocolate Laced's very own "Shop My Closet"!

What do you all think about this idea? Would you be willing to shop from my closet?!
If so, I'll list the most "chocolate laced" items that I don't wear anymore in the store and you can have your pick! (The ones that don't make it to the store will be on eBay, and if you're interested in what those are, I can share my eBay link with you as well!)

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