Inside My Closet: Dresses!

This post was promised so long ago, but my closet has been expanding and what used to be a room filled with clothes has been downsized into a closet and two huge dressers. (Okay, maybe "downsized" isn't the right word..."relocated" is better.)

My last Inside My Closet post featured my shoes. Since I've made that post, I've stopped wearing sneakers completely. I've decided that the only sneakers I ever want to wear again in my life are the Isabel Marant's that will be on my wishlist until I finally acquire them. I have 4 oxfords, about 10 boots, 6 flats (I got rid of most of my old ones), 3 sandals, and many more heels and wedges (I'd have to count them to know exactly how many). That's just an update. Now, on to new business! My lovely dresses!

I counted 51, but that was before I did laundry and found a couple more hiding away so I'll say I have 55 (at most). Many of them still have tags on them (one has had a tag for over 4 years!) I think the only thing keeping me from wearing all of them is not having somewhere to wear them to...yet!

Here's a close-up of some dresses. The cream lace dress to the left is a beautiful vintage piece that my aunt gave me. She bought it from London and I have yet to wear it. It also came with a matching blazer which I've decided to wear as a separate piece because they're beautiful separately and just a bit much (for me) when paired together.

Another close up.

Of my 55 or so dresses, I have 14 favorites and of those 14 favorites, I've actually worn 9 out. (That's not a bad ratio, right?) Here are my top five picks from my favorites (this was a lot harder to choose than I thought!):

Hope you enjoyed another peek into my closet! The next Inside My Closet post will be featuring my blazers!

Stay tuned!

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