Staying Cool In The Heat of the Jungle

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: Icing ($2)
Tan Tribal Top: Forever 21 (my sister's closet)
Abstract Print Pants: H&M ($7)
Leopard Loafers: Steve Madden (my other sister's closet)

So, all my friends made fun of the fact that on Wednesday, the hottest day of the week, I chose to wear pants. Of course, my sublty argumentative nature led me to rebuttle:
1. The pants were very loose fitting and far from my body in the areas that it needed to be. They didn't make me uncomfortable at all!
2. I actually felt a bit of relief in the pants because they blocked my skin from direct sunlight, so I was cooler than people showing skin!
3. It was hot! And no matter what I wore, I'd still be just as hot.... checkmate. :)

I took another stab at mixing prints and, this time, I added these leaopard loafers that belong to my sister. I figured it would go because it's the same color scheme as my top and almost the same pattern as my bottoms, plus, it adds the jungle effect it my outfit (along with the crazy wilderness behind me!)

Hope you're all staying cool! What's your favorite thing to wear in the summer sun?

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1 comment:

  1. I really love your pants. It's always hot here in Nigeria and it doesn't matter what I wear it'll still be hot. Though I don't think the heat affects me much. Since I've been here all my life. Cute top too. Love the top and pants worn together like you have.


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