Chocolate Laced: Inspiration - Shorts In The Fall

by - Monday, September 19, 2011

I used to be completely opposed to wearing shorts after summer, but once I started viewing several fashion and style bloggers, I realized that it could be done! I met an incredibly fashionable young lady thanks to blogging and she inspired me to be inspired! Jacque has a personal style blog where she did her own rendition of this outfit that she loved from 4acesdate, a blog we mutually follow.

I loved the fact that Jacque recreated the outfit to fit her style! And I decided to do the same! I loved that I was able to stick with the same color scheme as the original outfit! My closet works wonders sometimes!

The 21 day challenge I did last month definitely taught me a lot of lessons about how to make an outfit stand out. I love that I'm starting to step out of the previous boundaries I had set for myself and explore new heights of fashion and style. I don't know what it is about this outfit, but I feel incredible confident and comfortable in it!

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: H&M (4 for $3; <$1 ea.) Brown Sunglasses: (closet swap)
Red Cashmere Scarf: Grandoe (old & Mom's)
Blush Polka Dot Scarf: H&M (my sister's closet)
Cream Chiffon Tie-Neck Blouse: H&M ($7.50)
Leather Watch: Fossil (gift)
Soft Leather Bracelet: DIY
Tan Exposed Zipper Romper: H&M ($15)
Cream Skinny Belt: H&M (3 for $9; $3 ea.)
Cherry Red Tights: JCPenney ($3)
Oxford-Like Flats: Kimichi Blue (eBay $10)
TOTAL: $40

These tights that I'm wearing are amazingly warm. Combined with my two scarves, I felt warmer than ever in this 65 degree weather! Could this be considered color blocking? I love the combination of red and tan/camel. Stay tuned for future updates on my Colors page!

I love how omitting the color black can drastically change an outfit. I love wearing black but it's such a common neutral, I feel like people easily get lost in it. When I brought out this outfit last night, I came up with what I believe is a fantastic idea. I should give myself mini style challenges. Maybe once a week each month, I could frame my outfits around one concept. One week I could wear all dresses. Another week I could pick a certain color. If I'm feeling bold and creative, I can even choose one item to wear every day of the week! I really like that idea, but I'm going to need help from you all in creating that list of style prompts/rules/challenges! Can you help me?

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