Chocolate Laced: Miss Fashionista

"Miss Fashionista. I think that's what I'm going to call you now." One of my friends on the step team gave me this great compliment when she saw me today. I couldn't help but feel my cheeks flush a little bit. Me? A fashionista? I wish!

My followers on Tumblr actually helped me put this outfit together! I promised myself that I'd wear heels this whole week (with the exception of yesterday) in preparation for the fashion show! Yes, I made the cut! I believe it's the first of two cuts but I figured if I could make walking in heels second nature, then I'd have an advantage when it comes to walking. My heels of choice for today, my taupe wedge laced up booties. I needed help finding colors that complimented taupe. I got so many good ideas: turquoise, magenta, yellow, chambray, burgundy, and many others! I had so many ideas, but I needed something weather appropriate; unfortunately it rained today. I settled with this combination that my high school friend, Noor, came up with: Neutral based with a neon pop!

What I'm Wearing
Straw Hoop Earrings: ALDO (2 for $5; $2.50 each)
Oval Marble Pendant Necklace: H&M ($7.50)
Tan Linen Blazer: UK French Connection ($12)
Cream Top: Old Navy ($9)
Neon Green Belt: (gift)
Slate/Navy Crop Pants: CK Jeans from Macy's ($17)
Cream Socks: HUE ($2.50)
Taupe Lace-Up Wedge Booties: H&M ($30)
TOTAL: $81

I accessorized with gold and my earrings are hoops coincidentally made of tan, taupe, and navy intertwined straw! One of my friends pointed out the fact that my earring matched perfectly! It really does. I wish I could post a close-up of it!

So far, I'm two days without wearing black! I'm going to try to keep it up. I love outfits that are black-less!

I've had my blog for almost four months now and I'm starting to see my remix skills come in handy! I've worn this blazer, this top, and these pants all in previous outfits with very different looks! That's a lesson that you can always come up with different outfits with what you have!

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