Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 19 - Adorn Your Head

I didn't have anytime whatsoever to take outfit posts yesterday, so I threw on what I was wearing and took pictures this morning! That works, right?

Day 19: I already asked you to get creative with your hair but tomorrow I want you to take it a slightly different direction and put something on your head. You could go with a headband a la Blair Waldorf. Or perhaps a fedora? Maybe you've always wanted to try a fascinator. There's always a flower or clip or headscarf or turban. Totally up to you!

I received so many compliments and stares (which I took as silent compliments) as a result of my outfit. I wore it to school (I only had two classes) and later to work (we're allowed to wear head wear as long as it doesn't cover our eyes. While I was working the fitting room, one of our customers told me that I should be a runway model. I was so flattered!

What I'm Wearing
Headwrap: from Nigeria (gift from Mom)
Hoop Earrings: closet swap
Necklace: Forever 21 ($7)
Maxi Dress: H&M ($15)
Cuff Bracelet: Forever 21 ($7)
Sandals: Hot Kiss ($15)
TOTAL: $44

Even while on campus, I received smiles and nods of approval. A few people asked me where I was from and what my headwrap was called. I was even recommended to tryout for an upcoming fashion show (which I will be taking up!)

Sorry for the picture quality! I had to rush (and take them indoors!)

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