Chocolate Laced: 21 Day Challenge - Day 21 - Last Day!

Wow, 21 days flies by quickly doesn't it?!

Day 21: I want you to take all your newfound fashion confidence and ability and put together a killer outfit and strut your stuff! You betta believe there are bonus points up for grabs here. Work with your own style and come up with something really awesome. It can be over the top or understated or vibrant or monochrome or whatever you want. Create an outfit you're proud of and I will be so very proud of YOU.

I actually am proud of this look! I love how simple things can really make all the difference. The way I style my hair. The jewelry I choose to wear. Patterns and/or solids. I feel casually and comfortably chic! I'm wearing my remix item! This time I'm wearing as a "jacket" or "cardigan" of sorts. It's super lightweight and a tad bit sheer so you can see my vertical stripes through it! I love this tank/dress/shirt/I don't really know what it is! It's my sister's. It reminds me of a circus tent. A very fashionable circus tent. She should let me have it. Hehehe...

What I'm Wearing
Gold Leaf Earrings: Forever 21 ($2)
***Button Down: A'gaci ($5)***
Vertical Striped Top: H&M (my sister's closet)
Racer-back Tank (underneath): (gift)
Stacked Bracelets: Icing (5 for $2)
Black Bracelet: Icing ($2)
Skinny Cargos: H&M ($5)
TOMS: (my sister's closet)
TOTAL: $16

My inconspicuous use of a normal nude-colored bra is brought to you by Strap Perfect! I don't know if any of you own it, but I suggest you buy some! (This is not a sponsored post!) It works really well. I wouldn't lie to you! Who wants to worry with peek-a-boo straps when wearing a racer back tank? Not this girl!

This challenge has made getting dressed so much easier! I'm really going to miss it! Most of the time putting outfits much quicker than usual. Other times I wanted to rip my hair out! Kayla of Freckles In April has been a wonderful challenge host and I really hope she does something like this again! I had so much fun!

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