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Last month, I was contacted by a representative of Clarisonic inquiring if I would like to review one of their products. I had not heard about Clarisonic before, and just in case you haven't either, here's a little background about the company and its brand.

Clarisonic was developed by the inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush, which people are more familiar with. The Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System gently clears your pores and prepares your skin to better absorb skin care products. It is rechargeable and waterproof, which is amazing because you can use it in the shower and you never have to worry about replacing batteries! The Clarisonic is quick and effective; it only takes 60 seconds to cleanse your skin, making it as smooth and as healthy as ever!

I was sent a Clarisonic Mia to use and review. My initial thought when I researched the Clarisonic Mia was one of worry. It seemed like quite the investment! I realized that the only way for me to really know its value was to experience it for myself.

The Mia is so cute and compact, not only can you get it in your favorite color, you can easily bring it along with you on any trip! I commute to my college campus, but on the weekends that I decide to sleep over with my friends in their dorms, the Mia always comes with me!

Here's how my first experience was using the Clarisonic Mia :

My skin is a combination of normal, oily, and dry. It's quite frustrating. The oily parts of my face are my forehead, my nose, and, sometimes, my chin. The dry area is the space between my eyebrows and everywhere else is pretty normal. Before the Clarisonic Mia, I would simply wash my face with soap, paying the most attention to my problem areas.

My wake up in the morning face, complete with several breakouts on my forehead and cheeks. You can't see them very well in these pictures, but, trust me, they were there!

The first picture I posted is one of how the Mia is packaged and this is one of the contents of the box. I was sent the yellow Mia but it also comes in white, lavender, baby blue, pink, garnet, turquoise, poppy red, sapphire blue, tangerine and kelly green! What a great way to personalize something that you'll use every day!

The Mia is packaged with its magnetic charger. I think this is cool because it's easy to mess up a charger that plugs into a product. This charger simply clings on to the bottom on the Mia. Included are the instructions and a trial size tube of Clarisonic's Gentle Hydro Cleanser.

The instructions are very detailed and the Mia is very easy to use. It's recommended that you charge the Mia for 24 hours before your first use, but I was so excited, that I used it right out of the box! I did charge it for 24 hours before my next use though!

I began by wetting my face and the brush head with warm water and proceeded to apply a generous amount of the gentle cleanser to my face. (You can see how the magnetic charger clings on to the Mia in this picture!) The Mia automatically shuts off after 60 seconds, so, in circular motions, I scrubbed my forehead for 20 seconds, each cheek for 10 seconds, and my nose/chin area for 20 seconds.

Once the Mia turned off, I rinsed the cleanser from my face with a warm washcloth. There was an amazing tingly sensation all over my face which excited me because it seemed to be an instant display of the Mia working!

Along with a selection of colors, Clarisonic has a selection of brush heads. The Mia is prepackaged with the Sensitive Head Brush, which is what I've been using.

It has been a month since I began using the Mia and I could not be any happier! My face feels as smooth as a baby's bottom. I apologize for the cliché comparison, but it is so true! I barely break out--I've only had two minor pimples since using the Mia- but when I do they're gone in less than a week! My skin looks and feels better and it definitely absorbs my lotions a lot easier! I stopped using the gentle cleanser and replaced it with Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser for a deeper clean.

It's one thing for someone to compliment my outfit. It's something else for someone to compliment my skin! Ever since I've been using the Clarisonic Mia religiously, I've felt and looked a lot better. My skin has a glow that was hiding under all the filth that lurked in my pores! I've received so many compliments and my problem areas are no longer problems!

As frugal as I am, the Clarisonic Mia would not be something that I would put my eye on. But with an experience like this, I hope anyone who is adamant and determined to have clearer skin opts for the Clarisonic! This is one investment that you won't regret! I'm actually planning on buying my replacement heads very soon: a normal brush head and a deep pore brush head to combat my oily skin!

For more information, please visit the Clarisonic website to find which product may suit you best!

This Clarisonic Mia was provided to me by Clarisonic. My review and opinions are completely honest and all ideas I expressed are my own.

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