Chocolate Laced: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It's been raining so much during the last three days! Sigh. I took a few pictures in my room before my classes today and when I returned home the rain had stopped for a little, so I took some more outside. I'd easily say that my outfit is a reflection of my attitude towards this weather.

My shirt says "OMG WTF" and it makes me chuckle because those are my sentiments exactly! The outfit I had originally planned to wear is still sitting in my closet and she's just as sad as I am. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow so I can wear it then!

What I'm Wearing
Leather Satchel: Burlington Coat Factory (gift)
Diamond Ball Earrings: (my sister's closet)
Leather Motorcycle Jacket: (gift)
Tribal Necklace: Forever 21 ($7)
OMG WTF Tee: (my sister's closet)
Skinny Zipper Pants: Rampage for Macy's ($10)
Black Snakeskin Belt: ALDO ($7)
Knuckle Ring: ALDO ($7)
Silver Cuff: Forever 21 ($7)
Spiked Bracelet: Forever 21 (%6)
Stacked Bracelets: assorted (gifts)
Studded Boots: nomi (gift)
TOTAL: $42

Monochromatic black... I guess you could say that I'm mourning the loss of the sun. The only good thing that comes of the rain is the opportunity to dance in it. I love dancing in the rain. I danced in it on Monday while walking home. It's liberating! Now that I think about it, maybe I should stop dancing in the rain. Mother Nature may be interpreting that as a rain dance! (Just kidding!)

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