So, I Went Thrifting...And Did Some Major Damage...

Remember my last thriftaholic and shopaholic posts? Well, I've gotten just a little bit worse. (And by worse, I mean better.)

Last week, I went thrifting... twice. On Wednesday, I went with my friends and we found out that the thrift store in my not-so-immediate neighborhood was closing for good and, as an incentive to sell as much as possible, they marked everything down to 50% off. Yes. EVERYTHING. After learning of this, I just HAD to come back for a second trip. And I did. On the following Saturday. And here is what happened.

Wednesday first!

Okay. ALL THAT was from Wednesday's trip. And I spent $54 on all of it: 4 pants, 4 blazers, 2 sweaters, 2 skirts, 6 blouses and 3 purses. That's 21 things!

Now for Saturday's finds!

So, I went back and did some more wonderful damage. This time 5 pants, 7 blouses, 1 bomber jacket and 1 blazer. 14 things for $34!

I think thrifting in this way should be considered a gift, don't you? I can't wait create outfits with these pieces. I loved each and every last one of them. It looks like a whole new wardrobe!

Now, for the perfect closer...
This song is awesome. WARNING: It uses curse words! But, it captures the entire essence of why thrift shopping is so awesome! "I'll wear your grandad's clothes, I'll look incredible."

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