How To Dress Up Jeans & Links A La Mode!

by - Saturday, October 13, 2012

What I'm Wearing
Pearl Necklace (as headdress): Express (gift)
Pearl Bracelets: assorted
Chiffon Blouse: H&M ($7.50)
Denim Jeggings: H&M ($15)
Pink Linen Blazer: Chaps (old gift)
Brown Oxfords: Bass ($20)

I cannot express the extent of how much I dislike jeans. Jeans are the sweatpants of my closet. They really are. Ask any of my friends. If they see me in jeans, the first question they're likely to ask is if I'm okay.

But I have so many in my closet! *leaves desk to count* Well, 19 pairs can seem like a lot to one person and a little to another, but that is a lot to me! (And that is only counting denim denim. Colored denim not included!) Here are a few of my tricks to feeling not so bleh in jeans:

How To Dress Up Jeans
  • Pair them with a lightweight blouse to add a feminine touch.
  • Add a blazer. Creates a wonderful shape that you won't get wearing a t-shit alone.
  • Statement shoes (and socks in this case) will always jazz up jeans!
  • Two's company! Pair them with a denim top in a different contrasting wash.
  • Accessorize! Let your jewelry, purse, scarf, etc. complete the look!
***Check out some of the ways I've styled my jeans in the past.***

Now, pick up your closest pair of jeans and sing in Beyonce's voice:

"You gotta let me upgrade ya!"

Hey! An added bonus! I was featured in IFB's weekly Links A La Mode! Here they all are!


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  1. You look great hun! Love the ensemble.

    Please what photo editor did you use in picture number 5.??