Happy Halloween: Roaring 20's Flapper

Happy Halloween! I'm programmed to say that on every October 31st and not because Halloween is a holiday (technically, it isn't!) but because ever since I can remember, schools in America have almost screamed this greeting at the tops of their lungs with loud decorations, ghoulish costumes and cavity causing candy (I'll take the candy, please and thank you!)

What I'm Wearing
Headband: DIY
Stud Earrings: H&M
Peacoat: H&M ($15)
Black Fur Lapel: H&M ($3)
Long Pearl Necklace: Express (gift)
Fringe Dress: H&M ($15)
Tights: H&M ($1)
Patent Kitten Heels: Payless ($22)

Halloween, to me, is happy for two reasons:
1) Because it's another day that I get to experience and I'm always thankful and happy for each new day! and
2) I get an excuse to dress up creatively and not be considered weird for it! Why would I say no to that?!

I always DIY my costumes (I only started "dressing up" and trick-or-treating for Halloween when I was 18 (when I started college). I never dressed up or trick or treated prior to that. My freshman year, I was Thing 2 and one of my best friends was my Thing 1 companion. My sophomore year, I was a road. My junior year, I was a prisoner (no picture evidence! Hehehe) and finally, as a senior, I'm a flapper!

I got the amazing makeup tutorial from here and it really completed my look! Thankfully all the items I needed for this costume were within reach! My "cigarette stick" is a chopstick! :)

Did you dress up? If so, what was your costume?

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