Hello October!

What I'm Wearing
Cream Blazer: H&M ($26)
Printed Blouse: thrifted vintage ($2)
Black Leather Full Skirt: H&M ($24)
Purple Tights: (gift)
Green Socks: (old)
Cream Oxfords: Crown Vintage

It's officially fall! So, you know what that means for my closet? Time to bring out the tights, socks, and major layering. As much as I love the fall, the bipolarity of the weather kills me. Summer in the morning and winter at night is enough to get a woman sick! (I've already fallen sick one and a half times in the past two months. I bet you're wondering what is consdiered "half a time" of sickness. Haha.)

Oh! I love this skirt, but it's looking a bit wrinkled. Does anyone know how to get wrinkles out of leather? I know I can't iron it, and I don't have a steamer =/. Help meee!

P.S. Yesterday was Nigerian Independence Day! But, since I schedule my posts, my outfit will be blogged a week from now! Happy Independence Day to all my Nigerians!!

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