Chocolate Laced: Wish Upon A Sale...

These are all the items that I would love to have in my closet for this summer/fall. They are ALL ON SALE right this instant and if I was a rich girl (briefly sings Gwen Stefani) I would be all over these in the blink of an eye! Yesterday when I made this, the chiffon skirt was $8. Today it's $5! *buys*

Hopefully I can get everything! And if not the exact thing on the list, then an item that's dangerously close!

Thank you so very much to all of my new followers! If you have blogs, please let me know so I can be a part of your everyday fashion sense!

P.S. An outfit post will come later tonight! I've had a long day and it's only 3! I kind have a developing headache, but I'm hoping that lots of water and maybe a few Tylenols will take care of it!

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