Chocolate Laced: Restricted

On my work days, especially the scolding hot ones (like today), I am very limited as to what I can wear. I work as a cashier at Christmas Tree Shops (I'm just a college girl trying to pay off some loans!) and we are allowed to dress however we please (within the bounds of the company's given limitations, of course).

No open toe shoes! (There goes all my sandals.) No heels! (There goes all my heels, wedges, and some boots.) Skirts and dresses must be a modest length. As interpreted by me, this means no more than two inches above my knee. I can't wear shorts. I don't like bermuda shorts. Sigh. The restrictions drive me crazy.

So here's what I did...

What I'm Wearing

Earrings: eBay ($4)
Necklace: DIY necklace (inspired by Elaine from Clothed Much)
V-Neck Tee: Forever 21 ($4)
Scarf Belt: H&M (gift & style inspired by Elaine from Clothed Much)
Printed Tube Dress Turned Skirt: Gift
Flats: Carlos Santana (My sister's closet)

While I was getting dressed, a light bulb flickered in my mind, reminding me of the DIY projects that I had read on Clothed Much. I must say, the necklace and scarf belt certainly turned my outfit into a look. Thanks Elaine!

As for the weather today, absolutely unbearable. My body isn't programmed to tolerate extreme heat.

Until next time.

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