Chocolate Laced: Just One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days for me. Those days when you're not quite happy but not sad either. The indifference just lingered in the air along with the barely bearable heat. I was all set to go out and enjoy the weather, maybe take a walk in the park or something....

...but I didn't. INSTEAD, I walked around the outside of my house, smiled at the neighbor and passing cars and wondered why my life was such a bore! (It's really not this boring all the time. I live at home with both my parents and three siblings. It usually gets quite entertaining.)

What I'm Wearing

Earrings: Forever 21 ($2)
Vest: (my sister's closet)
Belt: (my sister's closet)
Dress: Heritage (my sister's closet)
Vans: gift
TOTAL: $2**

**I have two sisters. One is two years older than I am and the other is four years older. I do a lot of shopping in their closets. Of course, it's not really shopping, because I don't have to pay them for it. I find items that they haven't touched in weeks, months, sometimes even YEARS and I put them to good use! The funny thing is, they're not anything close to my size! I'm a toothpick, according to them, and they are as many sizes bigger than me as they are older! Thank goodness for older sisters!

Oh! One more thing! Thank you to my very first follower! Her blog is super cute, along with her haircut and fabulous prints! Thanks, Michelle!

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