Chocolate Laced: The Beginning

Hello. My name is Stephanie and I am not your typical fashion blogger. Actually, I'm not a fashion blogger at all. I'm just a girl, just an ordinary girl. Just trying to get by. I'm a soon-to-be college junior majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. I work as a cashier at Christmas Tree Shops in Albany, NY. I'm starting to realize that this introduction is sounding a bit like a job interview summary about myself. I'll cut to the chase.

I love clothes. I love fashion (to some extent, or course.) I love writing (mostly poetry, but it's the principle of being heard through words). I decided that I could somehow combine both expressions of art into a blog that depicts me in the most accurate way possible. I also love taking pictures.

I've been following many inspirational fashion bloggers (Elaine from I'm Clothed Much, Kendi from Kendi Everyday among many others) and I've been so inspired. I think I can do this.

Aside from not having a local boyfriend that can take my pictures for me and a closet full of designer clothes, I can't be stopped! If I have to take my tripod and my $150 point-and-shoot camera to the lake with me to take pictures, then so be it! 

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