Chocolate Laced: When You're Good To Karma, She's Good To You!

On my way to Goodwill for some handy dandy thrift shopping, I stopped at a corner store to get a Mango Madness Snapple. The man in front of me, a very handsome Caucasian with light eyes, massive muscles and tattoos had to give the clerk $0.50 to complete his purchase. "I got you on the fifty cents, sir." And he said he'd be right back to get it, but I said to him that i had two dollars. My drink was $1.50. I was gonna get the change back anyway, so he obliged. Then he flashed his pearly whites (they really were!) at me and thanked me and hoped he'd see me around to pay me back. It was really sweet.

So as I went about my day, it seemed that everything was just a little rosier. I got one very obscene compliment on my outfit from a man with exceptional vulgarity in his language. I want to repeat his exact wards because that is really the only way that I can display how radical they were. He said, "You are f***ing that s**t up!" With so much enthusiasm! I instantly showed a slight hint of fear in my face and he elaborated that he loved the print, my hair, and the flower and it was so different. I laughed it off and thanked him. It was truly hilarious. I'm glad I had my friend with me to witness this.

What I'm Wearing

Flower Clip: H&M ($3)
Earrings: Forever 21 ($2)
Necklace: eBay (~$2)
Flowy Top: Charlotte Russe, Thrifted ($6)
High-Waisted Shorts: The Garden Collection by H&M, Thrifted ($6)
Crossbody Bag: Coach (gift)
Mustard Flats: Nine West (gift)
TOTAL: $19

When I got on the bus, it was packed, but some kind man gave up his seat for my friend and I to sit next to each other. Then, once at Goodwill, I found an awesome light denim Gap jacket for just $9! Oh, Karma. How I love you so!

Just so you all know, in the past week, I've done WAY too much shopping. I promise I will stop. I need to clean my closet (for the fifth time this season!)

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