Chocolate Laced: Mama Africa

by - Sunday, June 12, 2011

In my last post, I mentioned getting some material from my mother that I would incorporate into my future outfits. Today was my first successful attempt at doing so. After going to church this morning, I had to meet up with my staff for this summer's camp to discuss how much smoother we plan on running things. It just so happens that my staff is like my family. We are tighter than skinny jeans, we are. It's awesome.

So my best friend, Maya came to pick me up at 4 to take me to this meeting and when I stepped out the house in this and opened the passenger door to her car, she said to me, "Okay, Mama Africa! I'm loving it: the fact that you look all fabulous and I'm here dressed like a bum." She didn't really look like a bum, she's just super dramatic.

What I'm Wearing

Headwrap: from Nigeria (gift from Mom)
Earrings: Brooklyn Beauty Supply Store ($1)
Cardigan: Wet Seal (my sister's closet)
Maxi Dress: H&M ($15)
Bracelets: (gifts)
Leather Belt: (my sister's closet)
Sandals: Payless ($13)
TOTAL: $29

I wrapped my hair in one of the materials my mom gave me. I didn't really have a set design in mind when tying it, but it took my three trails before I found this design and I really love it. It has a hint of Nigeria in the way it takes the shape of our traditional gele and it also has the Nefertiti/Badu height I was aiming for.

I paired the look with natural makeup: concealer for my less confident areas, light foundation for an even tone and subtle cat eye to waken these tired eyes. Did it work?

The solid black maxi is something I feel everyone should have. It can be worn so many different ways; I absolutely love it. I've been looking for a way that I could maybe hike it up a bit and wear it as a more modest LBD. Everything is possible as long as you believe! 

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