Chocolate Laced: More Than Just A Hobby...

Today, I brought my friend, Adela, along while I took pictures to put up here. She liked how my pictures came out--the ones that I shared on Facebook--and she was eager to have some pictures of her own. Of course, she was very inquisitive of why I do it and she initially thought I do it because I'm bored. I had to laugh and let her know that I really love blogging: taking the pictures, developing my style, learning, and overall just feeling good in what I'm wearing!

It turned out that Adela was actually great (superb, even) at directing my pseudo photo shoot. Most of these pictures are the way they are because of her!

What I'm Wearing

Flower Clip: H&M ($3)
Gold & Ruby Heart Earrings: (from my mom's jewelry collection)
Glasses Necklaces: Forever 21 ($2 & $6)
Baby Pink Cardigan: Children's Place ($5)
Floral Blouse: (gift)
Skinny Belt: H&M (3 for $12)
High-Waisted Shorts: Macy*s (gift)
Crossbody Bag: Fossil (from my sister's closet)
Gold Watch: KAY Jewelers (from my mom's collection)
Bracelets: Mixture of Forever 21, H&M, my sister's closet and my mom's jewelry
Flats: Steve Madden (gift)

I really love these shorts that I have on. They are simple yet chic! The only problem I have with shorts is they never fail to ride up! I may have to invest in some invisible tape to keep these babies down! Either that or find some longer shorts. Hehe.
Adela was wearing a really nice bag and I really wanted to take it and run, but she knows where I live. The pattern was really nice and I couldn't help but admire it!

I've only been at it for two weeks but blogging has become more than just a hobby to me.

Closeup on Accessories
I try to let my accessories be the finishing touch on my outfits since most of the things I own are plain and basic pieces.

Until next time!

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