Chocolate Laced: What A Day!

So much better than yesterday and I'm GLAD. It started out really slow, though. I'm in the process of selling tons of my items (that I don't wear anymore) on eBay and obviously not for much profit. I asked my sister to give me a ride down to the post office so that I could ship the items (five tank tops) and it turned out that I underestimated the cost of shipping. Sigh. It's okay. You live and you learn.

So, I returned home only to find out that my friend, Monee, who took the pictures from this post had come over to photograph my outfit today and I missed her! Bah. I called her, told her the deal and I headed over to her place. Shortly after arriving, we headed out to enjoy the weather and take these pictures.

I think my favorite thing about having someone else photograph is my willingness to experiment!

What I'm Wearing

A vest and a dress again, I know, but done differently!
Vest: H&M (closet swap)
Colorblocked Tank Dress: Macy's ($10)
Mustard Flats: Nine West (gift)
Floral Bow Hair Clip, Eiffel Tower Necklace, Ring, & Earrings: Forever 21 ($2 each)
Leaf Necklace: Borrowed from friend
Bracelets: (my sister's closet)
Bag: Nine West (my sister's closet)

Closeup on Accessories

We walked a little bit more...

And then, we walked into THIS:


The fire breathers, there were three of them, saw my obvious excitement at their techniques and eagerness to capture it! One waved at me! How cool is this?!

But I really enjoyed myself today, I needed to after yesterday's slump!

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