Chocolate Laced: It's All About Tribal!

And I'm not just referring to the awesome print of my skirt! I'm talking hertiage. Ethnicity. Nationality. Tribe. I am very intrigued by culture. It's just so...fascinating! I am Nigerian (of the Igbo tribe). I was born in Nigeria and I came to America when I was four. I love everything about my culture. From the language (which I must learn to speak. It is never too late!) to the clothing, to the food, to everything else in between.

Today, my sister told my mother about this blog and she was actually a lot more supportive and excited about it than I expected! (Score!) I had asked her for a few wrappers so that I could incorporate them into some of my outfits and she brought me three different ones with the most beautiful prints. Boy, I cannot wait to feature them in a culturally inspired outfit! She also gave me an exquisite scarf. I have no idea where she bought it from, but it is RIGHT up my alley. Now, on to today's outfit:

What I'm Wearing

Headband: Thrifted ($1)
Earrings: Icing ($8)
Denim Jacket: NY&C (gift)
Tank Top: H&M (gift)
Belt (worn backwards): Wet Seal ($6)
Skirt: Thrifted F21 ($6)
Sandals: Hot Kiss ($15)
Leather Crossbody Bag: Liz Claiborne circa 1990s
Ring, Bracelet & Neckalce: Forever 21 ($4, gift, $2)
TOTAL: $42

These pictures were taken on my university's campus. It has its nice areas, but it is still listed among America's 20 ugliset colleges. (See number eight, Albany.) Oh well. It's pretty when it wants to be!

Closeup on Accessories

I went with my sister any my aunt to check on the progress of some Nigerian outifts that we are having made for a party next weekend. Mine is almost done, but I didn't get to try it on just yet. I'll see it in all it's glory on Thursday.

I'm so thrilled with the progress my blog is making. Thank you to my world of followers (all four of you make me very happy!) and anonymous and onymous readers and visitors! I've recieved a lot of support from my friends and a few of them even asked to guest post, which is amazing. I have one friend in particular that wants to do a plus size post (which is even more amazing.)

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