Chocolate Laced: So...How Much Pink is TOO Much Pink?

The reason I ask: Check out these rainboots! Aren't they spectacularly bright? I could land a plane with these babies. But I often can't find anything to wear with them. =/

I went out on a limb and hoped this would work.

What I'm Wearing

Scarf: Ebay ($3)
Earrings: Gift
Racerback Tank: H&M (my sister's closet)
Striped (slightly cropped & sheer) Tee: H&M ($10)
Jeans: H&M SQIN from Ebay (3 for $20, so about $7)
Rainboots: CTS ($12)
TOTAL: $32

My favorite part of this outfit was the cute bow I tied around my hair using the pink scarf. I love bows. That's a lie. I'm slightly obsessed with them. That's more like it.

It rained all afternoon, but it stopped once I got ready to leave for work (and it didn't rain for the rest of the day!) I think the pink had something to do with that! Is this too much pink?

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