Cosby Sweater/New Hair

by - Monday, December 10, 2012

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: Icing | Rings: Assorted | Layered Necklace: Delia's
Striped Sweater: thrifted ($3.50)
Black Parka: H&M ($7)
Turban: Scarf (gift)
Black Jeans: Jordache ($6)

This post isn't as picture heavy as usual because I hadn't planned on taking photos on this day, but I met up with my friend, Denzel, and he's very good with my camera (he took the pictures for my pleated skirt post) so, of course I had to ask!

As you can see, I'm finally free of the yarn braids/fake dreads that I'd had in my hair for almost 4 months! I'm happy to say that my hair grew a wonderful amount and I will continue to hide it underneath extensions and live vicariously through my dreams of being a Rapunzel! I now have Marley Twists. They differ from Senegalese Twists in that the texture is completely different. Marley twists allow for a rougher and more natural texture, which I love since My hair is natural. It blends very well, too!

And about this sweater... I am in LOVE. It's comfy, cozy, cute, and chic! I wish I had more room in my closet for more oversize sweaters. I think I should make some space!

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