25 Wonderful Holiday Gifts Under $25

It's the most wonderful time of the year! There'll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, much mistletoeing, and hearts will be glowing! Even chocolate laced is feeling the holiday spirit (the new themed banner)! And don't you just love giving gifts? It can be difficult sometimes, though...finding the best gift each year for that person you love. Hopefully this list makes things a little easier. Here are 25 gifts for $25 (and under) for 5 of your loved ones!

Some people may buy presents for just their mom, some for just their Dad. Some people buy a present for both of them or just one for them to share (treating them as a unit)! Well, I have something for each of you!

1) Caldera Vanilla Quince Santal Candle ($25) - My mom loves a good candle and with a burn time of up to 45 hours, this vanilla scented candle will deck the halls of your home in the sweetest way.
2) Homedics NMSQ-210 Neck and Shoulder Massager, Vibration Heated($18) - My mother works very hard and after work, it'd be wonderful to thank her for all she does for our family by giving her a heated massage!
3) Eye Glasses Holder ($18) - Everyone in my family wears glasses, including my dad. With this glasses holder resembling an African face mask sculpture, which my family used to own several years ago, it'd be a wonderful desk accessory for him even if he doesn't use it for his glasses!
4) Dad's Playbook ($13) - The book is full of quotes and insights culled from dozens of sports' greatest coaches, with advice on being a leader, scoring under pressure, and how to encourage team spirit.
5) Fondue For Two ($20) - If you want to kill two bird with one stone, give them a gift that they'll have to use together, like this fondue set!

I am the youngest of three girls (I have a younger brother, too!) and I imagined what gifts my sisters would want (or gifts I'd want from them)!

1) Glitter MINIMERGENCY® Kit ($15) - The MINIMERGENCY kit is literally a life saver. It fits right in the palm of your hand and includes 17 must-have items for any unfortunate mishap like hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, lip balm, & earring backs (just to name a few)!
2) Sephora by O.P.I: Tinsel Town Four Piece Set ($12) - If she loves nail polish as much as one of my sisters does, get her these colors for the holiday season!
3) Aromatherapy Holiday Carrier (Lotion & Body Wash) Calm; Love ($20) - I used to work at Bath & Body Works and I can tell you from experience that these are beyond amazing, incredibly soothing and a wonderful gift! So give her the gift of calm or the gift of love. She'll be happy either way!
4) Microwave Heat Bag ($22.95) - This works as a hot pack when warmed in the microwave or a cold pack when chilled in the freezer. You know she'll thank you when that time of the month comes around!
5) Conair Grooming Kit, Ladies Wet and Dry ($20.19) -

Even though I am single, if I had a man in my life, I think he'd like these!

1) Love Tokens ($16) - With this set of 10 love tokens, you can really spice things up at any time! And if he ever uses all 10, well just start all over again!
2) Try Something New: 100 Fun & Creative Ways To Spend Time Together ($16.95) - The title says it all.
3) Ties! 1 ($14.07), 2 ($17.59), & 3 ($14.07) - Let him be as stylish as you are!
4) Conair 13-Piece All-In-One Grooming System ($19.99) - I love a bread just as much as the next woman, but this grooming system (at a WONDERFUL price) will let your man keep his beard, mustache, or whatever his (or your) poison is intact and looking sharp at all times!
5) Sensual Massage Oil ($18) - Something that you could both enjoy to alleviate stress and tension, and to spice things up! Who doesn't love a good massage? ;)

The *wink wink* says it all! Although none of these are on my Christmas list, I will be fully accepting of them! =D

1) Moleskine Passions Style Journal ($19.99) - This would be great for recording trends you want to try in the cutest planner! And even blog post ideas for the future! All at your fingertips.
2) Books For Her Fashion Blogging Library: left ($20); right ($16.95) - One for inspiration from the greatest and one for tips and tricks to better blogging!
3) Inspiration Cork Board Squares ($14.99) - It would even be super cute if you started it off for her!
4) Necklace Stand ($15) - Give her room a stylish feel with this accessory for her accessories!
5) Vogue Magazine Subscription for a Year ($14.99) - To help decorate that inspiration board of hers!

After all that gift shopping for others, how about a few little gifts to reward yourself?!

1) Portable Cell Phone Charger ($24.95) - For someone on the go who uses her phone a lot, my phone's battery drains quickly and it's usually a pain to try to locate an outlet. This would be a lifesaver (for anyone!) All you need is your USB plug, so it's compatible with all phones and your iPod & mp3 players, too!
2) One Good Deed A Day Journal ($14.95) - On your guide to fulfilling your New Year's resolution to become that person you've always known you could be, allow this journal to guide you!
3) Jessica Simpson 'Fancy' ($22.34) - This choice is a bit biased, but I received so many compliments from this scent...and who doesn't love compliments? I actually bought it as a gift to myself last Chirstmas and I think I just might do it again!
4) Bartenura Moscato ($12.99) - After all that shopping, release and relieve some stress (granted that you're of age) and have a few sips of this delicious dessert wine. It tastes amazing when chilled and accompanied with some chocolate and a warm room.
5) Some Rest ($Free.99) - Rest your achy bones! At no cost to you :) You did a wonderful job this holiday season!

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