Black & Gold

by - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I'm Wearing
Earrings: ALDO | Leather Chain Linked Bracelet: ALDO
Boyfriend Blazer: thrifted
Studded Collar Blouse: Material Girl (Macy's)
Maxi Skirt: eBay
Gold Tip Flats: ASOS

As summer is creeping to a glorious end, my mornings and nights are getting colder, yet, my afternoons are beaten by the rays of the tireless sun. So, I dress accordingly: tights underneath my maxi skirt (which also proved super convenient for my bike riding escapades that day) and a bright mustard yellow blazer to match the sun's intensity, but not quite compete with it.

"Hello everyone!"

That's my hair... saying hi... since, you know, it's been hiding for the last year and some months. I'm happy to say that a desirable amount of length has surfaced in that time, but a great lack of knowledge lingers as I scramble through my current hair products to restart the process of constant moisturizing and the whole nine that comes along with wearing such a crown.

To all my natural haired divas with 4b/4c textured hair, help a sista' out! What is your day to day hair routine!?

^Up there... that's my "help-me-out-I'm-slightly-hopeless-over-here" face. C'mon. How can one resist a plea presented like that?!

Until next time!

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